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Particular difficulties in growing begonias

Particular difficulties in growing begonias

Begonia has about two thousand species. Among them, as the size of an orange plant or species that can substitute for an entire wall of the wallpaper.

But, like any other plant, begonia suffers because of improper care.



On leaves dark spots, turning into grayplaque. This disease is called gray mold. Separate from the rest of the plant begonias, remove the affected leaves and spray the fungicide. The cause of gray mold is a dark room, and high humidity.


Yellowing leaves. You need to determine what your plant prevents normal development: the lack of water, excess water or lack of light. Change the care of Begonia in the right direction.


Falling leaves. Here it is necessary to pay attention to other symptoms. If the stems become thin with a small amount of leaves - begonias is not enough light- if the leaves before abscission dry - heat in pomeschenii- if the leaves become limp and rot - too much water.


The tips of the leaves are brown. The reason for this illness is too low humidity. Place the pot in the wet turf and spray the air around the begonias.


The leaves are pale and rot. Begonia gets too much moisture. This plant requires abundant watering, but the soil in any case should not be constantly moistened.


White coating on leaves. Your Begonia is suffering from mildew. Cut the diseased leaves and spray the flower nonspecific fungicide. Ventilate the room and spray the plant.


Bud drop. Spray the air around begonias and make sure that the soil has not been moistened.

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