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Parents and son-student

Parents and son-student

Issues affecting the conflicts betweenStudents, children and their parents, especially relevant today, as children become adults actually still dependent on their parents, which creates a lot of problems in communication between them.

During student people prefer to spendtime with their peers, thereby pushing the communication with parents as far as possible. Usually, the influence of parents on children, students have very limited because they are no longer able to control your child's life as it was before. The main source of these problems is that parents do not understand the inner world of the child and wrong in its values, experiences and aspirations.

Very often you can hear from his son: "They did not hear me." Parents do not wish and do not know how to listen to their sons, complacently believing in your own life experience.

Parents, remember that son-student onto you can be three negative reactions: denial reaction, ie nepodchinenie- opposition reaction, that is demonstrative actions haraktera- isolation negative reaction, that is the desire to stop communicating with the parents.

Even though such a clear opposition, childrencontinue to feel some need your support. Well, if you will be for your son's friend, as a result of your joint venture formed by a deep spiritual and emotional connection. It is necessary to find ways to maintain and establish contacts with his son, because he wants to share their experiences and talk about the events of the day.

But, on the other hand, a very strong guardianship can deprive your son's independence and the ability to enjoy the freedom that will increase confrontation between you.

Young people who are satisfied with communication with their parents, different special ability for self-assessment and analysis of the people of his circle of friends.

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