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Holder for paper in the form of rabbits

Holders of paper in the form of rabbits

Decorate the table for guests beautiful holders for the names in the form of rabbits.

Now, every guest is sure will find its own place and get a positive mood for the whole day.

You will need

  • -Copper wire
  • -Pliers
  • -Color thread
  • On decorative stones or hard candy



Pick up a copper wire and bend it into a circle. Then gently Give wire form rabbit ears. Do not worry if the two ears have turned out different, so appealing figures will be released.


Then, starting from the ears bend the shape of the face and body. The ends of the wires up and send in different directions.


With the help of pliers, tie the ends of the wire so that it looked like two rabbit paw.


Fold the wire several times to finally fix the rabbit shape. Carefully cut the excess wire with pliers rest.


To the rabbit firmly stood on its feet attach something heavy (candy, stone, small gift). Beautiful legs and tie your cargo colored thread.


Your unusual holder for business cards or labels ready. Decorate rabbits wishes and bright pictures.

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