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Pantheon of gods of Ancient Egypt

Pantheon of the gods of Ancient Egypt

Pantheon of ancient Egypt includes more than three thousand gods. Their names and functions in half of the cases fall into oblivion.

However, information about the main gods abound.

The most revered of the Egyptian gods

Now we can say that the most favorite, understandableand "native" to the Egyptians was the god Osiris, who was once one of the kings of the earth. His brother Seth killed Osiris envy, chopped into many pieces and thrown into the great Nile. Devoted wife of Osiris, whose name was Isis, has gone a long search, has collected all the pieces of the body of Osiris (according to legend it was not always easy to do). Assembled Osiris rose and took the throne of the kingdom of the dead. Unfortunately, on this, his brother Seth was not satisfied and began to hunt for the son of Osiris and Isis, hence the latter harboring the infant Horus in the Nile Delta impregnable. Raised Gore won in a fair fight his uncle, and then the other gods of Egypt declared him heir of Osiris.

There were five names in ancient Egypt, each of the gods. All these names are associated with the primary elements of the gods, or astronomical objects is a kind of titles.

The Egyptians took close to the suffering of their gods. Therefore the cult of Osiris, Horus and Isis faithful wife quickly became very popular in the territory of the land of Egypt. In fact, any Egyptian associate themselves with Osiris. On the gravestones most Egyptians called themselves such Osiris something, hoping to share the fate of the deity after death.

Isis also became one of the greatest goddessesantiquities. It has become a model of femininity and motherhood in ancient Egypt. Isis was considered the ancestor of Egyptian kings, because their genus erected to himself Mountain (sokologolovomu son of Osiris and Isis). The symbol of the goddess Isis was a throne, it is often symbolically placed at the head of the goddess, portraying her.

The ancient god of the Egyptians

However, perhaps the most important god of the traditionalEgyptian pantheon is Amon. His name means "hidden" or "hidden". Usually portrayed a man with skin the color of gold or blue in stupoobraznoy crown with ostrich feathers. Amon was originally the god of thunderstorms and the sky, but eventually acquired a function of the unknowable and eternal ruler of the universe.

There are a number of legends, claiming the supremacy of the universe at Amon cunning Isis took to transfer it to your husband and son.

According to the relatively late text is Amon said at the time of creation of the first original word soar in the form of a bird over the waters of chaos from which the world was created.

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