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PANEL "under the tile" as an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles

The panels "under the tile" as an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles

If you want to renovate a bathroom,decorate it with tiles, but do not have any skills to work with this wonderful material, not even money for its purchase, there is a way out - buy panels that mimic tile.

Modern wall panels, which mimictile, have a number of advantages, among them moisture (because these panels often made on the basis of MDF and melamine covered), strength. Also note the low cost of the panels, compared with the tiles, easy care for them (to clean the walls, you can use almost any detergent or wipe them with a damp cloth), a large variety of colors and textures. And such panels are mounted is much simpler, since their installation does not need to specifically align the wall, removing even the smallest irregularities for their cutting does not need expensive power tools.

But such panels there are also disadvantages. Of course, they are less durable than the classical tiles. Also, if you choose the installation of panels on the crate (wooden or metal), the volume of the bathroom somewhat reduced. The second problem is the installation of the panels on the glue, but a crate helps most easily hide wiring, the wall curves. It is also important to make sure that all sections of the panels that were made to fit them were treated with sealant. It will also need to be sealed and the holes to be made in order to hang a mirror, a shelf or cabinet.

Helpful Hint: start with the laying of panels angle. The joints are hidden by special plastic corners, baseboards, which must be selected individually.

Note that such panels are not only mimic tiles, but also different types of wood, so they should be used not only in the bathroom, and kitchen (for walls, to create a skirt).

The panels "under the tile" as an affordable alternative to ceramic tiles

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