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PICTURES of famous artists with images of animals


Painting by Leslie Harrison</a>

Painting is a very subtle art. Artists in their paintings try to portray the world, which they see with their own eyes.

Studying the work of different artists, you can see that the pictures can be depicted and landscapes, and portraits, and even animals.

Animalistics in painting

Recently,Animalistic paintings. Animalistics is a genre of fine art, which is closely connected with the depiction of animals. Some famous artists preferred this particular genre and often betrayed in their paintings animals the features of people. Animalistics is one of the oldest themes in art, whose roots go back to prehistoric times. For example, images of animals are very often found on the walls of the caves of the first settlers, and in the paintings of the tombs of the pharaohs (since animals in ancient Egypt were considered gods and accompanied rulers after death), and in the paintings of the Middle Ages temples.

In modern art, animal art occupies its own niche and is represented by a large number of works by domestic and foreign artists.

Animals in the paintings of V. Serov

One of the most beautiful RussiansArtists-animalists can be called Valentina Serova. People know many of his works as illustrations to Krylov's fables. He painted animals as the main characters of his paintings, and sometimes depicted them with people. Very often Serov imprinted horses in his paintings ("At the Transportation", "Rinsing the Linen", "Bathing the Horse," "Emperor Peter I and Elizabeth's Exit to Hunt," and others). It should also be noted the picture of "oxen", where white and black oxen are painted near a cart and a dilapidated house. Another example of the image of domestic animals is the painting "October Domotkanovo", where a shepherd boy grazes sheep and horses.

Some drawings of animals Serov performed an ordinary pencil, and this gave them an unusual charm.

Fauna and creativity of Leslie Harrison

Leslie Harrison is an American artist whoIn his paintings depicts animals. Her drawings are made in pastel colors in the style of realism. At first glance, they may seem to you real photos, this talented woman is so vivid and real. Looking at her work, and I want to stroke my horse on a thick mane or play with cute kittens. Her talent for drawing Leslie revealed at school, when she painted horses in her classes, and devoted her whole life to this occupation. Horses, cats, dogs, tigers, ducklings and other representatives of the animal world look at you from the pictures of a talented American artist, as if alive. Harrison has received a huge number of awards for her creativity in the field of animal studies, but never ceases to amaze and delight connoisseurs of painting with her stunning and simple robots.

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