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Paintings by famous artists with images of animals

Picture Lesley Harrison

Painting - a very subtle art. Artists in the pictures are trying to portray the world that they see with their own eyes.

Studying the works of different artists, you can see that in the pictures can be depicted landscapes, portraits, and even animals.

Animal painting

In recent years become very popularanimalistic paintings. Animal - a genre of fine art, which is closely associated with the image of animals. Some famous artists gave preference to this genre, and often betrayed in his paintings animal traits of people. Animal is one of the oldest themes in art, its roots in prehistoric times. For example, images of animals very often found on the walls of caves and the first settlers, and in the paintings of the tombs of the Pharaohs (since the animals in ancient Egypt were regarded as gods and were accompanied by the rulers after death), and in the paintings of medieval churches.

In contemporary art, Animal has its own niche, and is represented by a large number of works of domestic and foreign artists.

Animals in the paintings Serov

One of the finest Russiananimal painters can be called Valentin Serov. People are known to many of his works as illustrations to Krylov's fables. He painted animals protagonists of his paintings, and occasionally portrayed them together with the people. Very often Serov imprints of horses in his paintings ( "At the ferry", "Rinse the laundry," "Bathing the horse", "Check out the Emperor Peter I and Elizabeth on the hunt" and others). It should also be noted the painting "Oxen", where painted white and black oxen and carts around the dilapidated house. Another example of pet images is a picture "October Domotkanovo", where the boy-shepherd herding sheep and horses.

Some drawings of animals Serov served ordinary pencil, and it gave them an extraordinary charm.

Fauna and creativity Lesley Harrison

Leslie Harrison - American artist whoIt depicts in his paintings of animals. Her drawings are made with pastel colors in the style of realism. At first glance, they may seem to you these pictures, so vividly and realistically depicts this talented woman. Looking at her work, and I want to pat the horse's thick mane or play with cute kittens. His talent for drawing Leslie opened at school, when drawing on the lessons of horses, and dedicated to this task all his life. Horses, cats, dogs, tigers, ducks, and other representatives of the animal world are looking at you with pictures of the talented American artist, as if alive. Harrison has received numerous awards for his work in the field of animals, but does not cease to surprise and delight connoisseurs of art for its stunning and simple robots.

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