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PAINTING: what grisaille

Painting: what grisaille

Monochrome painting, that is, grisaille is a monochrome image, such as black and white or brown and white.

This type of painting was very common in the Middle Ages in easel painting.

Grisaille - a special kind of painting. Its implementation is made monochromatic tonal gradations. So convenient to paint reliefs, any architectural or sculptural elements. When grisaille technique takes into account only the tone of the depicted object, the color at the same time indifferent.
Art grisaille - a work whose task - to confirm the aesthetic value of the monochrome color paintings.

Painting for Beginners

Monochrome painting is a transitional linkbetween painting and drawing. For those who are just beginning to study painting, grisaille, usually becomes the first educational mission. The most difficult for beginners is precisely the tone transfer with color. The color of the subject, anyone who does not have defects in visual perception, call easy. But as far as tone is difficult to determine how objects relate to each other - that are darker or lighter, and how.
If you experience problems, you can use thissimple logic - objects that are close, brighter and more contrast, those in the distance, the tone are more diffuse and uniform. To solve the problem of modeling of light and shadow is much easier if you use one color.

How did the grisaille

The word "grisaille" comes from the French wordGris - Grey. Most often, this kind of painting is found in black and white. The reason is that the first was designed to mimic the grisaille sculpture, that is, the reliefs on the walls. But as time passed, she found her place in the so-called "easel" painting - first as an auxiliary tool for sketches and then as a separate type of painting. Gradually expanded palette - there was a paint called "sepia" - it was made from cuttlefish ink bag, clam. It was used for drawing and brush and pen. Then came the red and blue versions.
When choosing a color artist relies primarilyto plan the work. In black and white artists are able to so accurately take the tonal relationships and nuances of play that feels and color of the product, and coloring objects - each separately. Grisaille gives you the opportunity to dream, representing the image in any possible color interpretation.
Contemporary artists selected for the grisaillea color that corresponds to the plan. What is important is the principle of a monochrome image. only the tone of the subject is taken into account in grisaille, and the color does not matter.

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