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How to paint nails on feng shui


The accent of the ring finger</a>

To ensure that luck was always on your side, business was accompanied by success, and personal life was shapeless, you need to follow the ancient teachings of feng shui.

Multiply positive energy, reduce the importance of negative factors can be with the right choice of nail polish and thoughtful manicure.

Choice of color depending on the elements

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, there are fiveThe main elements, and each person refers to one of them. To find your element, you need to remember the year of your birth and mark the last digit. If it's 0 or 1, then you belong to the elements of metal, 2 or 3 - the elements of water. The last digits 4 or 5 mean belonging to the elements of the tree, 6 or 7 - fire, 8 or 9 - earth.
The metal corresponds to silvery, white colors,Shades of brown or yellow. "Wooden" signs will bring good luck manicure green, blue or blue. Followers of "water" can choose any colors, from pale blue to black, and "earth" - yellow, brown, beige, pink. For those whose element is "fire", it is better to choose different shades of red.

The meaning of feng shui colors

Apricot color is considered the most harmonious,Acting positively on the human psyche. The shades of gray look neutral, without causing negative feelings. Turquoise calms, gives an image of sophistication and style.
Blue is suitable for solving important tasks,Promotes concentration and concentration. But the inner peace of mind will help find the yellow color, with it the easiest way to succeed or cope with the disease. Especially great is the power of the golden color, it gives the girl extra physical and psychological strength.
Nails of green color give confidence in theirForces and tomorrow, help to balance their capabilities. Light shades of brown bring calmness and warmth, while the dark ones retain mostly negative information. Red color is considered warm, bright, cheerful, activating force.

It is important that a manicure combined with makeup and clothing, only in this case it will have the right effect and will look irresistible.


With the help of manicure it is possible to distinguish separateFingers, for example, by placing on them a sticker on an adhesive tape, a three-dimensional flower made of acrylic, or simply painted in a different color. Particular importance in Feng Shui is the fingers of the right hand, it greatly multiplies positive energy. Famous geishas have always used the secrets of a manicure in their image to avoid deception and gossip, to attract wealth and luck.

Strengthen the action of manicure can be with the help of hieroglyphs or "talking" pictures - hearts, intersecting lines.

The thumb of the right hand is underPatronage of Mars, he is responsible for mental work, gives physical and mental health. The index finger under the sign of Jupiter is responsible for power and power, indicates self-centeredness. The middle finger can indicate a penchant for quarrels and offensiveness, Saturn offers an opportunity to attract wealth. The sun, responsible for the ring finger, helps to strengthen family ties, adds optimism. The emphasis on the little finger enhances the creative possibilities, makes a person more flexible and easy to climb.

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