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How to paint your nails

How to paint your nails

Entrust your nails to another person who does not know about your style and ideas, not everyone can.

In addition, the salon manicure with painting costs money.

It is better to trust yourself and your imagination.

Be patient, because at first it takes a lot of time, but when you gain experience, manicure does not take an hour.



Doing manicure should be only on the well-groomed nails. that nails were strong, can cause little vegetable oil on their surface and hold them up to form a thin layer. Now your nails ready to manicure.


Apply the varnish layer nailsWait until it dries out a bit, and get to coloring.


For beginners, it is best to use colorgel pens. They can be as simple, and pearl, can also contain various sequins. They are easy to perform any combination, for example, apply curls with flowers, paint the petals and add a few drops of glitter in the middle of the inflorescence. After drying the cover image with a transparent varnish. We get a very simple but intricate picture.


If you are more experienced in this matter, usespecial art paint with a thin stiff brush on the end. They draw a lot harder, but the colors look brighter and richer than the color gel pens. Good will look simple colored lines, arcs cross coming out of small droplets. And to figure looked neater, you can buy a stencil nail. It is easy to apply and remove. You can not even use the art of paint and apply the stencil on top of conventional varnishes.


Very interesting composition obtained byMixing different colors directly on the nail. Get out intricate images. The technique is simple and does not require any expertise. You simply drop the nail a few large drops, and a needle to mix them in a chaotic manner. The blurred image can be corrected black gel pen and covered with clear varnish. Also, a needle can make drawings from the same color drops. For example, throwing in hand contour drops get accurate snowflake or a star.

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