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How to color nails


How to color nails</a>

Do not trust your fingernails to another person who does not know about your style and ideas, not everyone can.

In addition, the salon manicure with painting is worth a lot of money.

Better trust yourself and your imagination.

Be patient, after all it will take a long time, but when you gain experience, the manicure does not take an hour.



Do manicures should only be well-groomed Nails. In order to Nails Were strong, you can slightly apply vegetable oil on their surface and hold them until a thin layer is formed. Now your Nails Ready for manicure.


Apply a coat of lacquer on Nails, Wait for it to dry up a little, and proceed with the coloring.


For beginners it is best to use colorGel pens. They can be either simple or pearly, they can also contain different glitters. They are easy to perform any combination, for example, apply curls with flowers, color petals and add a few drops of sequins to the middle of the inflorescence. After drying, cover the picture with a clear varnish. Get a very simple, but intricate picture.


If you are more experienced in this matter, useSpecial art-paints, with a thin rigid brush on the end. They are much harder to draw, but the colors look brighter and more saturated than the colors of gel pens. It will look good simple color lines, cross arcs, emerging from small drops. And to make the picture look neater, you can buy a stencil for nails. It is easily glued and removed. You can even not use art-paints, and apply over the stencil of conventional varnishes.


Very interesting compositions are obtained whenMixing different colors directly on the nail. Get intricate images. The technique is simple and does not require any knowledge and experience. You just need to drop a few large drops on the nail, and mix them in a chaotic manner with a needle. Blurred image can be corrected with a black gel pen and cover with a clear varnish. You can also make drawings from one color drop with a needle. For example, spreading the contour of the drop in the sides, you will get a neat snowflake or an asterisk.

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