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How to paint an enamel kettle with acrylic paints

How to paint an enamel kettle with acrylic paints

You will agree that over time, enamel ware displaces a new, more durable.

This does not mean that the old will have to throw out. For example, from an old enameled pot can make a new decoration.

For this purpose it is necessary simply to paint with acrylic paints.

You will need

  • - An old enamel kettle-
  • - Glossy acrylic kraski-
  • - Artistic paint on glass and keramike-
  • - kistochka-
  • - Outline of the glass and keramike-
  • - spirt-
  • - cotton pad.



Before any painting the first thing you need todegrease the surface. To do this, moisten a cotton pad with alcohol, and then wipe them all tea. Then, squeezing a little white and yellow paint on the palette, mix them, and with a brush Apply the outline of the picture, in this case - it's a cat. After the outline of a shape is ready, paint over it. To save time, while the drying painted cat, you need to draw the borders of the animal mind.


Again, mix white and yellow acrylic paint, then apply them to the cat figure. They will act as a second layer, which helps to give a uniform background teapot.


Then, within the limits of thought, draw objects, or rather their contours are drawn love our animals.


Then with the help of white highlight those parts of the picture, such as: legs, belly and cheeks. Just do not forget to tip them identify the animal's tail.


Now should acrylics depict animal stripes on the body, which must be present on the legs, tail, body, and, of course, the head.


While the strips dry, you need to go to smallerthe details of our picture. Draw all the elements of animal faces and do not forget to paint the outline of his dreams. You can complete the picture of a kind of inscription. Painted enamel teapot over!

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