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How to paint enameled teapot with acrylic paints


How to paint enameled teapot with acrylic paints</a>

Agree that over time enameled dishes are replaced by a new, more solid.

This does not mean that the old will have to be thrown out. For example, from the old enameled teapot you can make a new decorative.

To do this, it simply needs to be painted with acrylic paints.

You will need

  • - the old enamel kettle-
  • - glossy acrylic colors-
  • - Art paints on glass and ceramics-
  • - brush-
  • - contours on glass and ceramics-
  • - alcohol-
  • - cotton pad.



Before any painting first thing you needDegrease the surface. To do this, we moisten the wadded disk in alcohol, after which we wipe the entire kettle with it. Then squeeze a bit of white and yellow paint on the palette, mix them, and with the help of a brush apply the contours of the picture, in our case it's a cat. After the contour of the figure is ready, paint over it. In order not to waste time while the painted cat dries, it is necessary to depict the boundaries of the animal's thoughts.


Again mix white and yellow acrylic paints, then apply them to the figure of the cat. They will act as a second layer, which will help to give a homogeneous background to the kettle.


Then, within the boundaries of thoughts, one should draw objects, or rather their contours, which our painted animal loves.


Next, using the whitewash, select the parts of the picture, such as the paws, belly and cheeks. Also do not forget to pick out the tip of the animal's tail.


Now it follows with acrylic paints to depict on the animal's body strips, which should be present on the paws, tail, torso and, of course, the head.


While the strips dry, you need to move on to smaller onesDetails of our drawing. Draw the animal all the elements of the face and do not forget to paint the outlines of his dreams. You can supplement the picture with an original inscription. The painting of the enameled kettle is finished!

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