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How to paint walls with water-based paint


How to paint walls with water-based paint</a>

Coloring is the easiest way to radically update the interior. Walls covered with water-based paint are appropriate in any room, they are not afraid of excessive humidity, high or low temperatures.

In addition, they are easy to care for - do not accumulate dust, wash well, and if necessary, their color is easy to update without any preliminary preparation.

To bring the walls of your apartment in order, it is not necessary to invite a repair team - you can do everything yourself.

You will need

  • - paint-
  • - Painting Scotch-
  • - large paint roller-
  • - stepladder-
  • - small roller on a long handle-
  • - small brush-
  • - Painting pallet-
  • - Wet rag.



Water-based paint is much easier inApplication, than oil. For a beginner painter it fits perfectly - it is easier to apply to the surface, does not require preliminary priming, dries more quickly, marks on the brush are less noticeable on it.


Decide whether you need a glossy or matte finishThe surface of the walls. Much depends on the chosen interior. Take into account that matte paint is able to hide minor wall irregularities, and glossy, on the contrary, is able to emphasize them.


Choose a shade yourself or inA specialized store with the help of a consultant. For the beginner, the second option is preferable. Specialists will help not only determine the color, but also tell about the properties of each particular brand.


Before painting, glue the paint tape on the skirting boards, door jambs, the joint of walls and ceiling.


Begin by treating large surfaces. Pour a little paint in the tray and immerse the roller in it. Roll the roller over the pallet so that the paint covers it as smoothly as possible. If you do not, stains and bald spots can form on the wall.


Start work by rolling the roller up and down andFollowing the uniformity of the coating. Sites around the door jambs and window frames paint with a small brush, acting with short intersecting strokes. Do not immerse the brush in the container for more than a third, otherwise there may be streaks.

To paint the top of the walls, use a stepladder or a roller with a long handle.


To paint the wall behind the batteries you need a small roller on a long handle. Close the radiator of the battery with a film and act neatly, taking care not to stain open edges.


Dry the walls and apply a second coat of paint, following the same technology. For an ideal coating, a third layer may be required - this depends on the saturation of the selected shade.

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