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How to paint the walls with latex paint

How to paint the walls with latex paint

Painting - the easiest way to dramatically upgrade the interior. The walls are covered with latex paint, relevant in any room, they are not afraid of excessive humidity, high or low temperatures.

In addition, they are easy to clean - do not accumulate dust, well washed, and if necessary their color easily upgrade without any prior training.

To bring the walls of his apartment in order, not necessarily invite maintenance crews - all you can do on your own.

You will need

  • - kraska-
  • - Painter skotch-
  • - Large paint valik-
  • - stremyanka-
  • - A small roller on a long ruchke-
  • - Small kist-
  • - Painter poddon-
  • - Damp cloth.



Water-based paint is much easier toapplication than oil. For the novice painter, it fits perfectly - it is easier to apply to the surface, does not require a primer, it dries faster, her less visible traces of the brush.


Decide you need a glossy or mattethe surface of the walls. Much depends on the chosen interior. Note that the matte paint is capable of hide minor irregularities of the walls and glossy, on the contrary, it is able to emphasize them.


Pick a shade on their own or inspecialty store with the help of a consultant. For a beginner, the second option is preferable. Experts will not only determine the color, but also talk about the properties of each particular brand.


Before painting stick masking tape on the baseboards, door jambs, the junction of the walls and ceiling.


Start with the processing of large surfaces. Pour into the pan a little paint and dip the roller into it. Roll the roller on the pallet to paint covered it as straight as possible. If this is not done, the wall may form stains and bald spots.


Begin work, laminating roll up and downwatching the uniformity of the coating. Land around the door jambs and window frames paint a small brush, short-acting overlapping strokes. Do not immerse the brush in a container more than a third, or can begin to flow.

To paint the upper part of the walls, use a ladder or roller with a long handle.


For painting walls for batteries need small roller with a long handle. Close the film radiator and battery, proceed carefully, trying not to soil the open edge.


Dry wall and apply a second coat of paint, following the same technology. For an ideal coating may be required and the third layer - it depends on the saturation of the selected color.

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