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How to paint the old yarn

How to paint the old yarn

needlewoman are often faced with the choice of yarn for knitting the desired texture and color in spite of the fact that a lot of variety of thread sold in stores.

Exit - to paint their own hands, and can be dyed in the desired color even the old yarn.

You will need

  • - pryazha-
  • - krasitel-
  • - Table acetic
  • - water-
  • - soap-
  • - Enamel basin or large saucepan.



Before you begin to color yarndetermine which of the fibers it is. To do this, you can carry out simple experiments. Hold the end of the filament lit match. If the fire is moving slowly along it, while there was a smell of burnt bones and the tip formed sintered pellet, the string - from pure wool. If the thread is quickly burnt and there was a smell of burnt paper, it is cotton yarn. If synthetic thread, they will not burn and melt.


The composition of the yarn, pick up in economicstore the appropriate dye. For mixed yarn suitable universal. Note that the color specified on the package will only be the case if you paint in white thread. If the stain color yarn, the color will be more dark and intense. Thus combining different shades of the dye can be achieved and yarn of a different color entirely. For example, if a blue dye the red dye yarn, turn purple, and if green, the brown.


Experiment on a small number of threads. Dissolve the dye according to the instructions on the packaging and color thread a small length. if, after it dries, will lighter color that is needed to add more dye solution, if darker - dilute it with water. Only after you achieve the desired shade, start coloring the entire yarn.


Wind the yarn into skeins of a weight not exceeding 100 g andtie them in two places, a strong thread. Make a solution of soap and wash it skeins, without twisting or crushing them. Then the yarn rinse in warm water and wring out.


Make the dye solution requiredproportions and add 1.5 cups of vinegar to each packet. The mixture was stir until completely dissolved dye and immerse the coils. Dishes are put on low heat and bring to a boil. In this state, the yarn must soak in the solution for about one hour. All this time, the coils periodically invert gently.


Dishes remove from heat and allow the solution to cool. Remove the yarn and rinse it in warm water with vinegar at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water.


Hanks gently squeeze and wrap in a clean cloth so that it absorbed the excess moisture. Hang strands and dry, and then rewind them into balls.

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