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How to paint the nursery

How to paint the nursery

Children's room should be bright priori andmemorable. The interior, created by taking into account the peculiarities and preferences of your child will not only help the development of its taste, but also to make him stay in the room comfortable psychologically.

To create a cozy atmosphere is necessary not only to plan the nursery, but also to give her up with the help of colors and decorative elements.



Invite a professional designer whowill take into account your wishes and design the nursery of your dreams. He can be trusted, and the selection of furniture, interior decoration and detail. Together with your child think about the colors and decorations, because the room will belong to him.


Pick up a brush and trydream. If you can not hire a professional, you can do well on their own. First of all, discuss the topic of the future child. Boys prefer the sea or historic reasons, such as dinosaurs. The girls willingly live in the doll house or a fairy-tale castle. Neutral is the theme of the magic forest or space.


Draw pictures on the walls, appropriatethe selected topic, or be a template. Involve the child to work. First, it taught him to work and discipline. And secondly, it is very nice to live in a room set up with his direct participation. Kid can be trusted mixing paints (if older than 5 years) or gluing individual applications templates.


Use fluorescent paint for givingmystery to your creation. This is especially true of space or the magic room. Complete clearance of ornaments in the form of sequins or stickers on the ceiling, walls and furniture. His lively and give the interior a finished look flowers, interesting and properly spaced around the room. As a final touch, add light. The shimmering chandelier or spotlights present in the room "favorable light" and will emphasize its individuality.


To paint not only the walls, but also furniture,even home furnishings. You can help the special paint, which can be found in art or online stores. The more imagination you will make, the more your child will be proud of their home, their parents and their own participation in the repair. Let each of you, adults, once again survive a few days of childhood and just have some fun with the children.

Express yourself in the works!

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