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How to color a dress


How to color a dress</a>

At home, not every cloth lends itself to painting.

It is almost impossible to achieve an even dark color, especially if the cloth is variegated or with a printed white pattern. Dresses are also heavily made of natural silk, nylon and kapron.

But the burnt wool dress easily dyed in dark colors.

Rubberized fabric can not be dyed because it does not withstand high temperatures.

Knitwear also has the property of shedding after staining.



To properly and qualitatively paint the dress,It is necessary to determine from which fabric it is sewn. If this information is not on the tag sewn from the inside, then pull out a small thread along the seam. Set it on fire if the thread burns smoothly and quickly, and the flame is bright with an unpleasant smell of burning paper, leaving behind the ashes, then this dress is made from a tissue of vegetable origin, that is, cotton or linen, or viscose silk. Acetate silk also burns quickly, but at the end of the thread a dark ball forms. Wool and natural silk burns badly, and there is a smell of burning feathers.


Buy a dye for the fabric can be in anySpecialized store. Powder should be poured from the sachet into a container, dissolve in the amount of water indicated in the instructions. After that, warm up, stirring the paint, adding 3 tablespoons of salt, put the dress there and hinder the long object. You can do it with a stick. Kipet dress in dye should not less than half an hour on a slow fire. After that, the fire is turned off, but the dress can only be removed when the water is cold. That is, it should be there for a few more hours.


When properly painted, the solution graduallyIs discolored. Rinse the dress first in cold water, then in warm water until the water becomes clear. After rinsing the dress is washed with the addition of a small amount of powder. Dry the dress after painting should be, hanging on the hanger. Use clothespins are not worth it, since they can appear in places of clamping spots.


When painting light-colored clothing, put saltMore than 1 tablespoon, it is better not to boil the solution, but to simmer over low heat, so that the temperature does not exceed 90 degrees. Artificial silk should be painted more cautiously, the solution should be heated only up to 30 degrees, and the painting itself should be carried out at 60 degrees. That is, you can try the water temperature by hand. But at the same time you do not need to add salt.

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