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How to paint the ceiling in the bedroom

How to paint the ceiling in the bedroom

In creating the interior are no details that are unimportant. The ceiling, walls, floor, furniture - all that is very important to look at the room a completely different eyes.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of the bedroom, and, in particular, the ceiling painting in it.

Ceiling - this is the place to which people pay attention primarily on waking.

So he must have a flawless appearance.

Finishing the ceiling can be carried outusing a variety of materials. This may be the wallpaper, drywall, tile, PVC, fabric, paint and whitewashing. Among the easiest and cheapest ways to cover the ceiling arrangement is to provide a surface for painting. This finish has all the ins and outs of whitewash. The only thing that distinguishes it, as is the use of water-based paint, which is much thinner layer of whitewash, but because all the bumps and nodules on the ceiling surface are not immediate. To get a smooth ceiling, it is recommended to replace all the usual brush roller.

Before painting the ceiling inthe bedroom, you need to determine the color of paint. At the same time we must remember that all colors have an effect on humans. Thus, some of them act as irritants, while others have a soothing effect.

The color of the ceiling in the bedroom

The ceiling in the bedroom should be monotonous. This room is used by man for recreation and full of sleep, so there is nothing should excite and agitate. If figures are used, that they should be unobtrusive. Painting the ceiling, it is desirable to carry out with the help of a pale pink or bright white paint.

But there are exceptions. For example, to increase comfort is very important to avoid too high ceilings. To do this, they will have to paint in a dark color, thus concealing extra meters. Make the bedroom can be more interesting if the dark blue ceiling paint a starry sky.

ceiling paint technology in the bedroom

Paint the ceiling in the bedroom is done in several stages:

- Preparation pomescheniya-
- Installation of lighting-
- Preparation of the surface potolka-
- gruntovanie-
- Coloring.

Cover the floor and cover, furniture, window sillsheating radiators with plastic wrap or newspaper. To fix the paper or film is best used slabokleyky tape, as it leaves no residue after peeling even on paper wallpaper. Pay special attention to the installation of lighting, because in order to quality paint the ceiling, it is very important to see what you're doing. To do this, fasten the lamp with shade, using a temporary wooden tripod near the ceiling. It can be moved as needed.

To prepare the ceiling to staining,zashpaklyuyte all the irregularities on its surface. Caulking should be completely dry before you proceed to the next step. This usually takes at least 24 hours.

After all the bumps will be removed, andputty dries, you can begin priming the ceiling. For better adhesion of the ceiling before applying the primer is processed through a fine-grained sandpaper.

During priming brush, pay special attention to those places where it is very difficult to get a roller.

The ceiling must be primed with wide stripes. As soon as you zagruntuete one lane, immediately proceed to the next. Can not wait for the primer has dried, it should be applied quickly and without interruption.

Painting the ceiling should be performed according to the recommendations written in the paint, which must be applied "by the Light", in order to avoid divorce.

Slowness in the paint may cause polymerization on the ceiling, which will not obtain a perfectly flat surface.

Sometimes the paint manufacturer recommendsto dilute it to the desired thickness. For this pour the paint bucket and add water here is 5-10% based on the total volume of the paint. If you do not need to dilute it, just stir with a mixer and start to work.

First, paint the brush all the ceilingcorners and hard to reach places, after which the rolled roller itself ceiling. If necessary, apply a second layer, be sure to wait until the drying of the first.

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