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How to paint a car


How to paint a car</a>

In our time, you will not be surprised at the drawings on the walls or graffiti. But painting knows no boundaries, so now very popular are paintings made on the car.

With the help of airbrushing the car turns into apiece of art. Also, the painting of the "iron horse" can serve as an anti-theft device, because the car will be easier to find by the characteristic pattern.

Aerography can be done in a specialized salon or yourself, which will save your money and will give scope to your imagination.



Get an airbrush, which is sold in art salons. Also need a compressor. Learn the airbrush, how it works, how to use it.


Draw with nitro colors (but thenChoose color and consistency by experience) or buy ready-made paints for airbrushing. If you are new to this business, then the drawings on the car apply with the help of stencils, which will facilitate your work.


Prepare the surface of the car for painting. To do this, clean and degrease the place where the pattern will be applied, and then treat the surface with a primer layer. This will help the paint to stick well to the car's body.


Keep the airbrush perpendicular to the surface,Which is applied paint. If you do not comply with this condition, the paint will go unevenly and various defects will appear. Movements should be smooth and smooth, do not take your hands off.


Apply the drawing in one motion - thisWill prevent smudges. Place the next layer of paint only after the previous one has dried. Repair the disadvantages with a roller soaked in a solvent or applying an additional layer.


And finally, start drawing with a light part -For the reason that paint over the dark paint is very problematic. And poisonous colors, for example, red or green, you can not paint over at all. They can come through even in a day.

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