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How to paint the car

How to paint the car

Car Paint is the most crucial moment when working with the vehicle. That appearance more estimated vehicle.

Make a painting can be, both in the workshop and with his own hands, guided by basic rules.

You will need

  • Automotive paint, varnish, gun, car, solvent, overalls and gloves for painting.



acrylic auto paint car painting technology.

When it comes to high-quality repair of the body, theacrylic auto paint is applied in three layers. The first layer is sprayed very finely, and the second? normal thickness, and the third can be sprayed more liquid consistency. It is important to comply with the measure when the paint is diluted to avoid streaks.


The paint acrylic car enamel.

When the standard paint vehicle, notwelcome to cover the surface of the machine with auto-enamel, lacquer. But quite often the master lacquered acrylic surface of the machine to increase the brightness and vibrant color of the car. To varnish car, it is better to use special paint under the varnish. These paints can be purchased on any bus.


The memory of the first layer.

The car paint technology, thereIt is such a thing as a memory of the first paint layer. The memory of the first layer includes a feature such as storing, and with what effect superimposed manner in which paint, in this case, the following layers vehicle surface texture is repeated.


Painting car parts.

painting technology and other car rooflarge parts is performed as follows: the item is first coated with paint by himself, and then conduct the painting to the center, then turn to the other side, and color from the center to himself. Vertical parts of the car must be painted from the top and going down.


The distance from the gun to car parts.

To determine the optimal distance atpaint gun parts, it is necessary to take into account factors such as the pistol, the width of the torch, the power of the ink supply. Typically, the first coat of paint is applied to a pistol from a distance of 15cm and 30cm with the last layer. Apply paint at a great distance, you need to quickly working pistol to avoid stains formed.
A very important condition for the vehicle paintingand a temperature. After all, from the temperature of the choice of solvent will depend on exposure between the paint layers and the number of layers of paint. The optimum temperature for painting a car is considered to be 20 degrees. To make the car paint is necessary in special overalls and gloves.


Consumption of auto paint.

The used-car paints, paint technology depends on the vehicle and the number of paint layers. Also, the ink consumption may depend on the dyeing conditions and method of applying the paint.

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