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How to paint a car


How to paint a car</a>

Painting the car is the most critical moment when working with a car. It is in appearance that the car is more appreciated.

You can paint as in the workshop, and with your own hands, guided by the basic rules.

You will need

  • Car paint, varnish, gun, car, thinner, coveralls and gloves for painting.



Technology of painting the machine with acrylic auto-paint.

When it comes to quality repair of the body, thenAcrylic auto-paint is applied in three layers. The first layer is sprayed very thinly, the second? Normal thickness, and the third one can be sprayed with a more liquid consistency. It is very important to observe the measure when diluting the paint to avoid drips.


Lacquer coating acrylic auto enamel.

When standard painting the car, do notIt is advisable to cover the surface of the car with auto enamel, varnish. But quite often masters varnish the acrylic surface of the machine to increase the gloss and bright color of the car. In order to varnish the car, it is better to use special paints for varnish. Such colors can be purchased at any bus station.


Memory of the first layer.

In the technology of car painting, there isSuch a concept as the memory of the first layer of painting. The memory of the first layer includes such a feature as memorization, with what effect and how the paint is applied, and in this case, the following layers repeat the surface texture of the car.


Painting car parts.

Technology of painting the roof of the car and otherLarge parts are done in this way: first we cover the part with paint from ourselves, then we paint to the center, after that we pass to the other side, and we paint from the center to ourselves. Vertical parts of the car must be painted, starting from the top and going down.


Distance from the gun to the car parts.

To determine the optimal distance atPaint parts with a gun, you need to consider factors such as the brand of the gun, the width of the torch, the power of the paint. Usually the first layer of paint is applied by a gun from a distance of 15cm, and the last layer with 30cm. To apply paint at a great distance, it is necessary to work quickly with a gun, so that no stains will form.
Very important condition for painting the carIs the temperature. After all, the choice of solvent depends on the temperature, the aging between the painting of the layers and the number of layers of painting. The optimum temperature for painting the car is 20 degrees. To make the car painting it is necessary in special overalls and gloves.


Consumption of auto-paint.

The amount of used auto-paint depends on the technology of painting the car and the number of layers of paint. Also, paint consumption may depend on the conditions of painting and the method of applying the paint.

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