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How to draw a pony friendship


How to draw a pony friendship this is a miracle</a>

Cartoon "Friendship is a miracle" is liked not only by small children, but also by more adult children for the fact that it is full of bright colors, kindness and fun.

In the fantasy world of the animated series live Pegasus, unicorns and pretty ponies.

Draw a pony from "Friendship is a miracle" quite simply, and mastering the skill of the image of one of the heroes, you can make drawings of all the other horses.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pencil and an eraser-
  • - colored pens or pencils.



Draw a little nose on the muzzle of the horseCorner in profile, hook of ear. The neck and breast are obtained by the image of a rounded line. Draw a second ear is not necessary, as it will hide in the subsequent mane of a pony.


If you want to draw a unicorn, "Friendship isMiracle ", draw a horn near the forehead and paint it with dashed horizontal lines. Draw the curved waves of the pony mane, as shown in the picture.


In the center of the horse's face, draw a large oval eye, select the pupil, eyelid and cilia. Make your pony a small, smiling mouth.


Draw a large front paw,As if she were jumping. The hoof pony from the cartoon "Friendship is a miracle" should expand slightly to the bottom. To paws were as much like real claws, make small ends on the ends.


Draw the hind legs of the pony, highlighting the thighs. After that, circle the previously drawn part of the torso, which remains visible after adding all the elements of the picture.


On the back of the trunk of the horse "Friendship is a miracle" there is a small emblem - draw it. Finish drawing by adding a fluffy horse tail.


Circle the drawing with a black felt-tip pen or pencil, remove excess lines from a simple pencil with a stub. Color your horse with bright colors.


How, in fact, it was just to draw a pony "Friendship is a miracle" step by step in pencil and felt-tip pens. Now you will be able to portray any hero of a favorite cartoon.

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