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How to paint under Khokhloma


How to paint under Khokhloma</a>

Ancient fishing of the inhabitants of a small villageKhokhloma, which is near Nizhny Novgorod, has been attracting the attention of not only our compatriots, but also tourists from different countries for many years. We can say that the Khokhloma painting became a true symbol of Russia.

To confuse it with anything is impossible, but to repeat it is rather difficult.

But it's worth a try.



The classical process of painting under Khokhloma It is very complicated, runs in several stages, and allMaterials for him to get it will be difficult. Therefore, the instructions are a simplified version. Prepare a wooden surface for painting. First degrease it with alcohol with cotton wool. Cover the surface with the primary color (gold). For these purposes, it is best to use acrylic paints - they hold well on the tree, besides they are not afraid of water. Allow the paint to dry out - during this time you will have time to draw a sketch of the future painting.


Before applying the patterns on the tree, completelyDraw a sketch on paper. In Khokhloma painting only three colors are used - gold, black, red. Occasionally, green is used. The main elements of the painting are plant motifs. First, work out on paper these basic elements. Any drawing will consist of "sediment", "grass", "curls", "antennae", "droplets" and "bush". Their connection and all sorts of variations will form a pattern. Before you draw your own sketch, look through the many options for the paintings and catch the principle of their construction. Then pencil out the location of certain elements and start painting with paint and brush.


When the paint on the workpiece dries out (this will go awayNot less than two days), transfer your sketch to it. Paint, of course, can be erased during work, but there may be ugly divorces, so try to work accurately and accurately. When the work is finished, dry the product and, if necessary, cover with varnish.

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