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HOW paint Khokhloma

How to paint Khokhloma

Former residents of a small village fishingKhokhloma that near Nizhny Novgorod, has for many years attracted the attention of not only our compatriots, but also tourists from around the world. We can say that Khokhloma painting has become a real symbol of Russia.

To mix it with nothing is impossible, and repeat - quite difficult.

But worth a try.



Classic painting process under khokhlomu is very complex, it takes place in several stages, and allMaterials will be difficult to get it for him. Therefore describes a simplified version. Prepare the wooden surface for painting. First, degrease it with alcohol using a fleece. Cover the surface of the base color (gold). For these purposes, it is best to use acrylic paints - they are well kept in the tree, to the same they are not afraid of water. Allow the paint to dry - during this time you will have time to draw a sketch of the future of painting.


Prior to the application of patterns on a tree, completelyDraw a sketch on paper. The Khokhloma painting is only used three colors - gold, black, red. Occasionally used green. The main elements of the painting are vegetable motivy.Snachala work out on paper, these basic elements. Any figure will be composed of "osochek", "blades", "curl", "antennae", "drops" and "bushes". Their connection and all sorts of variations and will form a pattern. Before you draw your own sketch, browse a variety of options and paintings catch the principle of their construction. Then outline the pencil location of various elements and begin to draw and paint brush.


When the paint dries on the blank (this will takeat least two days), transfer your sketch on it. The paint is, of course, can be erased during operation, but may remain ugly divorces, so try to work accurately and neatly. When the work is complete, dry the product and, if necessary, cover with varnish.

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