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How to paint the car wing

Car Paint wing may be necessary in cases of damage to the coating that often occurs as a result of an accident or illegal parking.

Often the wing does not change over the years, because of what its surface cracks and crumbles. In this case, it also requires painting.

With regard to the amount of work, it is determined individually, as it depends on the kind and size of cracks and scratches.

For painting the vehicle wing usedenamel. This coloring agent has a heterogeneous structure. It is composed of different pigments, such as anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, coating and many others. The main pigment of enamel is the one that is used to give a certain color. Paint fender can be three types of enamel to choose from, namely, acrylic, alkyd and nitro.

Stages of preparation before painting the wing

From the quality of the preparatory work depends on the outcome. Therefore, the preparation of the wing must be approached with great responsibility.

Preparatory work should be carried out in a spray booth, and in the absence thereof, in a clean garage.

To start the car thoroughly washed, and thendried, and the damaged area and degrease the paste on all sides with adhesive tape. This will prevent ingress of paint primers and the neighboring portions of the machine.
wing Preparation involves the following stages:
- Resurfacing damaged uchastka-
- Degreasing surface-
- Spackling work-
- Cleaning and shlifovanie-
- Priming.

Large dent on the wing is necessary to straighten out before the plastering work.

The application of paint on the wing

First paint the thinnest. It is also called "the developing". After its application you can easily view all the defects made during the preparatory work. Their discovery in the case will have to be eliminated by using a filler.

When applying the paint should not be allowed the appearance of stains, as it is virtually impossible to eliminate.

Developing a layer of paint should be applied towing parallel horizontal lines, while moving downwards. The second layer is applied perpendicular to the first, due to which it will be easy to hide the flaws of the previous.
Apply the paint should be at a distance of 30centimeters from the surface. If the spray paint will be too far away, it is likely that most of the paint just will not come to the surface, as it is simply released into the air. If applied too close is almost impossible to avoid the formation of stains. To obtain a uniform surface color paint is applied perpendicular to the surface of the wing.
Each successive layer of paint can be appliedOnly after the previous dries slightly. This typically takes no more than twenty minutes, depending on temperature and humidity. Car painting is best done with an air temperature equal to 20-25? C.
If all the recommendations of the vehicle wing painting, even in self-fulfillment will allow to achieve excellent results.

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