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How to paint a car wing


How to paint a car wing</a>

Painting the wing of the car may be necessary in cases of damage to its coating, which is very often the result of an accident or improper parking.

Often the wing does not change for years, because of what its surface crackles and crumbles. In this case, its painting is also required.

With regard to the scope of work, it is determined individually, because it depends on the kind and size of scratches and cracks.

For painting the wing of a car is usedEnamel. This colorant has a heterogeneous structure. Its composition includes various pigments, such as anti-corrosion, moisture resistant, integumentary and many others. The main pigment of the auto enamel is the one used to impart a certain color. You can paint the wing of the car with three kinds of enamel to choose from, acrylic, nitro and alkyd.

Stages of preparation of the wing before painting

The final result depends on the quality of the preparatory work. Therefore, the preparation of the wing must be approached with all responsibility.

Preparatory work should be carried out in the spray booth, and in the absence of one, in a clean garage.

To begin with, the car is thoroughly washed, after whichDry, and the damaged area is degreased and pasted on all sides with adhesive tape. This will avoid the ingress of paint and primer on adjacent parts of the machine.
Preparation of the wing includes the following steps:
- grinding of the damaged section-
- Degreasing the surface-
- putty work-
- cleaning and grinding-
- priming.

Large dents on the wing must be straightened before starting puttying.

Paint on the wing

The first layer of paint is the thinnest. It is also called "developmental". After applying it, you can easily see all the defects that were committed during the preparatory work. In case of detection, they will have to be eliminated using the putty.

When applying paint, do not allow the appearance of streaks, since it is almost impossible to eliminate them.

The developing layer of paint should be applied toWing parallel horizontal lines, moving from top to bottom. The second layer is applied perpendicular to the first, which will make it easy to hide the shortcomings of the previous one.
Apply paint at a distance of 30Centimeters from the surface. If the can of paint is too far away, the likelihood is that most of the paint will simply not reach the surface, as it will simply be sprayed in the air. If the application is too close, it is almost impossible to avoid the formation of streaks. To obtain a color-uniform surface, the paint is applied perpendicular to the wing surface.
Each successive layer of paint can be appliedOnly after the previous one is slightly dry. Usually this takes no more than twenty minutes depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. Car painting is best done at an air temperature of 20-25 ° C.
With all the recommendations, painting the wing of the car, even with self-implementation will achieve excellent results.

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