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How to paint with enamel

How to paint with enamel

Enamel is composed of pigment and fillers based lacquer may have a different texture and gloss.

There nitroemali, acid, oil and alkyd. Each enamel is suitable for your type of decorative coating.

Staining results not only depends on the selected type of enamel, and on proper surface preparation.

You will need

  • - kist-
  • - valik-
  • - Gun.



Any enamel is applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. If you intend to use enamelThen carry out a thorough preparation of the surface. Remove all the old paint. This can be done by means of universal washes, construction dryer or mechanically, using the materials at hand. If you want to level the surface, use a filler, as if you put enamel on uneven surfaces, they will become even more noticeable.


Wooden surfaces with varnish cover isreduce costs and make the enamel color is more even and intense. Iron prime the surface of a special kind of primer, intended for iron surfaces.


Nitroenamels made on the basis of nitro lacquer, notresistant to moisture and sun, so use it only in dry rooms or for decorative coating of furniture. The same can be said of the enamel acid. It is even more resistant than nitroenamels, but it's better use it indoors.


If you are going to paint surfaces that are exposed to moisture and weathering, oil use enamelSince it is based on linseed oil, which perfectly protects wooden surfaces from moisture, swelling and destruction.


The most used and have a hugepopular - it alkyd enamel. Use them for painting all surfaces indoors and outdoors. Apply any kind of enamel at least two layers. First apply one coat. Let it dry completely for 24-36 hours, then apply a second coat.


If you bought enamel, opened the jar and foundthat the enamel is covered with dried film, remove it carefully. The thick enamel solvent dilute to desired consistency. If you are going to use the gun, be sure to dilute the enamel as well as any kind of enamel is sufficiently dense composition which can be easily applied by brush or roller, but the gun is immediately clogged.

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