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How to paint eggs onion skins

How to paint eggs onion skins

Despite the emergence of artificial colors, all kinds of kits and stickers to decorate the eggs, many housewives prefer the traditional way - painting onion skins.

As a result of Easter eggs become rich reddish-brown color, shades of which can be changed depending on the concentration of broth.

This is a simple, cheap and natural method.

Preparation for painting eggs

To paint eggs for Easter, require largethe number of onion skin, it is desirable to collect in advance - the more egg, the more you need a bow. For a dozen eggs enough liter cans compacted hulls, but can take longer to produce more saturated and dark colors. Also, the resulting color will depend on the type of onion: so red onion shells give a nice shade of purple.

If you mix different varieties, you can get interesting shades.

To prepare the broth, it is necessary to put in the huskpan - preferably choose the one that is not a pity to spoil, as the paint may remain on the walls. Pour on top of the hot water so that it did not reach the edge. Put on the fire, bring to a boil and reduce heat. Onion peel simmered between 20 to 50 minutes: the more the darker paint work.
While preparing the broth, it is necessary to remove the eggs from therefrigerator, they had to warm to room temperature. Cook them in boiling liquid have, and because of the abrupt change in temperature, they may burst. Carefully rinse them and leave for half an hour until cooked husks.

Coloring eggs onion skins

Ready broth is desirable to drain: otherwise the shell will remain divorces, painting is uneven, although some prefer this option. Add the salt water to shells become firmer and the paint does not come under it and painted white. Gently lower the eggs, bring the infusion to a boil and simmer for 8-10 minutes. The longer cook, the more saturated the color gain shell, but on the other hand, are less tasty eggs from long thermal influence protein acquires consistency rubber becomes denser. It is desirable to turn over during cooking eggs for uniform staining. Keep the broth to their fully covered.
To diversify the color, you can wrap the thread of the eggs, and some roll in the dry rice and wrapped in gauze. After cooking, turn out on some beautiful divorces, while others - small speck.

If you remove the eggs in three minutes and the shell pierced in several places with a needle, and then Dowar adding cinnamon and cloves, then they will be painted inside.

Finished eggs in cold water soak a few minutes, then to shell easily depart from the protein. To give them a matte gloss surface wipe dry and lubricated with sunflower oil.

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