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How to paint eggs with onion husks


How to paint eggs with onion husks</a>

Despite the appearance of artificial colors, all sorts of sets and stickers for decorating eggs, many housewives prefer the traditional way - painting onion husks.

As a result, Easter eggs acquire a rich reddish-brown color, the shades of which can be changed depending on the concentration of the broth.

This is a simple, cheap and natural method.

Preparation for painting eggs

To paint eggs by Easter, a largeThe amount of onion peel, it is desirable to collect it in advance - the more eggs there are, the more onions are needed. For a dozen eggs, a liter jar with a packed hull, but for the formation of a more saturated and darker color, you can take more. Also, the resulting color will depend on the onion variety: thus, the red onion will give the shell a nice violet hue.

If you mix different varieties, you can get interesting shades.

To prepare a decoction, you need to put the husk inSaucepan - it is advisable to choose one that is not a shame to spoil, as the paint can stay on the walls. Pour hot water on top so that it does not reach the edge. Put on the fire, bring to a boil and reduce the temperature. Onion husks are cooked on low heat for 20 to 50 minutes: the more, the darker the paint will turn out.
While preparing the broth, you need to remove the eggs from theRefrigerator, so they could warm up to room temperature. They will have to be boiled in boiling liquid, and because of the sudden change in temperature they can burst. Rinse them thoroughly and leave for half an hour while the husks are being cooked.

Dyeing eggs with onion husks

It is desirable to strain the ready broth: Otherwise the shell will remain stained, the coloring will be uneven, although some like this option more. Add salt to the water so that the shell becomes firmer and the paint does not get under it and does not color the protein. Gently lower the eggs, bring the infusion to a boil and cook for 8-10 minutes. The longer the cooking, the more saturated the color will become the shell, but, on the other hand, the eggs will be less tasty: from a long thermal impact the protein acquires a consistency of rubber, becomes more dense. It is advisable during the cooking to turn the eggs for uniform staining. Make sure that the broth completely covers them.
To diversify the coloring, you can wrap some of the eggs with threads, and partly roll in dry rice and wrap in gauze. After cooking, some will make a beautiful divorce, and on others - a small speck.

If you take out eggs after three minutes and pierce the shell with a needle in several places, and then cook, adding cinnamon and cloves, they will be painted and inside.

Prepare eggs in cold water for a few minutes, so that the shell can then easily escape from the protein. To impart a matte surface gloss wipe them dry and lubricate with sunflower oil.

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