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How to paint cars

How to paint cars

Almost every car owner supported sooner or later comes the idea of ​​painting the iron horse.

This does not necessarily pay a lot of money Automaster, because all the work you can do with your hands.

You will need

  • - avtoemal-
  • - White Spirit-
  • - Paint-control.



Before painting the car,Wash it thoroughly, using different detergents. As a result, the vehicle body is removed the dirt road. And with the help of special tools or mineral spirits to remove the machine from the surface of bitumen and grease stains.


After finishing the cleaning process of the body, remove thefront and rear bumpers, a different lighting equipment located outside the headlights, side lights, turn signals, decorative grille. If there is impact protection in the wheel arches, it is also necessary to remove. After that dismantled parts thoroughly wash, dry and fold neatly in a separate location. It is also well flush folding wings in the wheel openings and remove them from dirt and stains.


Then draw a control body clearance ofdust and cover the paper or newspapers, the places on the body that should not be painted. It is also completely close the wheel. Remember that between the painted and unpainted surfaces of the shoulder height would be about 0.02 mm, which will be noticeable. Therefore, the boundaries of unpainted and painted parts of the car body position the bending parts.


Remove the factory paint with a body surfacesandpaper until the painted surface acquires a matte finish, and then again remove the dust and wipe it with a cloth soaked in white spirit and dry well. During and after these procedures, monitor the purity of the body surface.


When all the preparatory work willfinished, proceed directly to the car's coloring. Enamel dilute solvent in such proportions as indicated in the instructions to the desired consistency. Dilute enamel fill the tank of a spray gun, using a mesh funnel for straining it. If not, use a nylon stocking. On the gun nozzle set number 1,4, and the air pressure in the gun should be 2.5-3.0 atm.


The paint is applied, starting with the car roofback-and-forth motions. Observe the distance between the gun and the surface, it should be 150-200 mm. After the initial coloring to rest for 15 minutes, then apply another coat of paint. Do not rush when painting, the real color of the paint and its depth is shown only after staining with the second layer. Drying painted car, usually 25-35 hours at + 20C.

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