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How to paint a wooden cot

How to paint a wooden cot

It's nice when the interior is not only the stuff of factory production, but also made and decorated by hand.

For example, you can paint your own baby furniture in any color.

Parents who want to paint a crib for the baby with your hands, be sure to try to take precautions and will not use harmful materials.
Covering for baby cots is not necessary to chooseonly depending on the color. The paint should be sure to clean environmentally friendly, containing no toxic materials. It is necessary to take into account the fact that a child may want to chew the crib, so the paint safety should be given special attention.

How to choose paint

An important point - the choice of paint. The coating of good quality is obtained by using many varieties of modern paints. But it is better when buying the spin finish in the paint shop to try on a small piece of wood. Then we can more clearly imagine how after staining the furniture will be the result.
On sale there are many types of paint, whichspecially designed for painting intended for baby furniture. In their composition does not contain lead, no other toxic materials. This paint can be purchased at hardware or home improvement stores in the market.

Wood for the treatment of a paint should be smooth, free of burrs, it is also desirable to eliminate sharp edges.

Painting crib

Regardless of whether a new color or a cribrepaint the old surface must be prepared to work. Before repainting a cot, it is necessary to clean off the old paint. There are also modern paints and varnishes, which can be simply put on top of the previous coating. But if you select the normal structure, the surface must be treated to completely remove remnants of the old material. Polishing carried out using sandpaper when the work is finished, remove the dust with a clean cloth. This will help make the coat of paint more evenly, it will lay down clearer, and the product obtained is very beautiful.
To work needed cushion, sponge and brush. For even larger surfaces use roller. Brush conveniently painted columns and bars of the crib. Sponge is suitable for small items. You can buy paint in spray cans and perform staining by spraying, but this technique is only good for smooth background. Moreover, increased consumption of dyes.
During staining is necessary to try to make sure that ink droplets were not going in the wrong places. To do so, not to gain at one time on a roller or a brush, a large amount of ink.

After staining should be cloth or sandpaper to go through all the edges where the paint may have accumulated, especially in the bottom of the crib.

If the bed is not just a plan to paint, andand even paint, better after sanding primed surface. The primer may be an oil, latex or water-based. The oil base will be more reliable, but the smell of it can be strong.

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