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How to paint a vase with stained-glass paints


How to paint a vase with stained-glass paints</a>

Agree, the old sets, vases and wine glasses look no longer so beautiful. But this does not mean that they need to be thrown out.

Let's give them a new life.

Let's start, perhaps, with a vase - decorating it with stained-glass paints.

You will need

  • - smooth glass vase-
  • - drawn ready sketch-
  • - a contour on the glass with a nozzle-
  • - Acrylic paints on glass-
  • - brush-
  • - the palette-
  • - wadded disks-
  • - Alcohol.



Take our finished sketch, turn it intoTube, then insert it into the vase. Note that if you paint a wide dish, you first need to wet the sheet with water. If you do not do this, the sketch will not hold.


Before you start drawing the outline,Wipe the surface of the vase moistened with alcohol in a wool disc, in order to degrease the glass. Only after the above procedure, we begin drawing. It should be done very carefully and carefully. At the end, you need to check the gaps between the lines. If they are, then we correct them.


Now we dilute acrylic paint on the palette. The very first shade to be applied is the dark one. At the edges, apply less paint, since the entire saturation should be in the middle of the flower. Then in the course are light shades. We make them smooth transitions. The latter use black paint, which you need to outline the contours of the branches of our drawing. Painting with stained-glass paints completely changed the vase for the better! Present new life and other glassware!

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