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wood coloring technology? it is quite time-consuming process. It is required to comply with certain conditions clearly.

For intermediate operations must be carried out at17-27oS temperature, relative humidity 50-80% and 8-15% wood humidity. Painted surface, paints and painting equipment must have the same temperature.

Although this is not to say that painting work can only be carried out specialist.

Judge for yourself.



Acrylic paint (lacquer or primer) towooden furniture and doors supplied are ready for painting. If you are self-tinting spend helmets, please note the following: Filter the coating materials (paints) through the filter of 50-100 microns. This is a mandatory step. The filtered paint stored for more than two weeks, before painting filter the again.


The porous wood surfaces need to be primedbefore applying them to the final coating. Recommended pressure primer spraying? about 3 atm., the size of the nozzle? from 1.6 to 2, 4 mm thick wet layer should range between 80 and 120 microns. The drying primer spend in the range ot15 to 60 ° C. The surface must be dry before polishing is not less than 30 minutes, but not more than 6 hours.


Primer for wood is developed for manual andand grinding machine. In addition, a primer suitable for almost ideal for infrared drying. Avoid proshlifovki to the ground. If such sites will arise, they must be re-primed.


Perform painting water-based paintsacrylic by aerial spraying. MDF also should be painted in a single layer, with the recommended wet film thickness of 80 to 120 microns. Place the wood surface at an angle of 15-20o relative to the floor surface, to make it easier to produce color. If the wood surface is perpendicular to the floor, it is also quite convenient to paint.


Painted with acrylic paint tree or MDF for maximum performance andStability must be dried. Drying mode: 35-60oS, relative humidity? from 50 to 80%, the duration? about 1.5-2 hours. Use as possible convective drying method, and also controls the relative humidity inside the drying chamber.

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