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How to Paint a room

How to paint a room

Drawing room? One of the essential tasks in art school.

Even if you do not learn it, this exercise will be useful, but with proper choice of an object? also nice.

You will need

  • The paper, a pencil, an eraser, watercolor / Sepia / charcoal / pastel / colored pencils



Select the room that you willdraw. Avoid platitudes. Suppose that in this passage something catches sight? unusual furniture and décor, the combination of colors in objects or interesting incident light.


Determine the point from which you look atthis space. Depending on whether you're standing or sitting, obosnuete on the floor or even climb higher, it will change the overall impression of the figure.


Look at the fullness of space. Ideally, there should not be cluttered corners, contrasting with the empty areas (you can add a few things to fix the composition). However, such options are permitted, if you seek a way to create a certain mood, for example, of desolation, chaos, etc.


Build the main plane of the room? wall, ceiling or floor (if they get into the field of view). It should be guided by the laws of perspective, which are described in special benefits for artists and architects. In any case, the parallel lines of planes with the distance from the viewer is increasingly converging. In order to more accurately convey the angle of the line, pull out a hand with a pencil? Apply? pencil on the line, and then attach it to the paper in the same position.


In general designate objects in the picture? their size and location relative to each other.


Each item in the build separately. Break it on geometric shapes, from which it is, draw a for each of them and build a central axis, guided by the same laws of perspective.


On the surfaces of the room schedule a thin line drop shadows, so you do not forget them.


Choose a material that will paintyour room. For spaces with hard pieces of furniture (wood, steel, plastic) suitable for pencils? simple and colored. For a room with upholstered furniture and a large number of drapes more suitable for watercolor or soft materials? charcoal, sepia, sanguine, pastel.


Apply a first basic color spots allsurface. Then add your own shades and shadows. Only after zatoniruete floor and walls can be added drop shadows. Do not forget that on smooth surfaces appear glare, which should be left unpainted.


In the last stage of the Draw the small details of the items that are in the foreground. If drawing watercolor, except paints colored pencils can be used for this purpose.

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