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How to draw a room


How to draw a room</a>

Drawing a room? One of the mandatory tasks in art school.

Even if you do not study there, this exercise will be useful, but with a competent choice of the object? It's also nice.

You will need

  • Paper, simple pencil, eraser, watercolor / sepia / charcoal / pastel / color pencils



Select the part of the room you will bedraw. Try to avoid banality. Suppose that in this fragment something catches the eye? Unusual furniture or decor, a combination of colors in objects or interestingly falling light.


Determine the point at which you will look atThis space. Depending on whether you stand or sit, settle on the floor or even climb higher, the overall impression of the pattern will change.


Look at the fullness of space. Ideally, there should not be littered corners, contrasting with empty areas (you can add a few items to fix the composition). However, such options are allowed if you are trying to create a certain mood in this way: for example, desolation, chaos, etc.


Build the main room planes? Walls, ceiling or floor (if they fall in sight). At the same time, one should be guided by the laws of perspective, which are described in special manuals for artists and architects. In any case, parallel lines of planes as they move away from the viewer are increasingly approaching. To more accurately convey the angle of the slope of the line, extend the hand forward with a pencil,? Impose? Pencil on the line, and then attach it to the paper in the same position.


In general terms, indicate the objects in the picture? Their size and location relative to each other.


Build each object separately. Divide it into geometric figures, of which it consists, draw a central axis for each of them and build, guided by the same laws of perspective.


On the planes of the room, mark the shadow with a thin line, so that you do not forget about them later.


Choose the material that you will colorizeYour room. Do you use pencils for a space with hard furnishings (wooden, steel, plastic)? Simple and colored. For a room with soft furniture and a lot of draperies, watercolors or soft materials are more suitable? Coal, sepia, sanguine, pastel.


Apply first the main color spots on allSurface. Then add shades and own shadows. Only after the floor and walls are concealed, it is possible to add falling shadows. Do not forget that on smooth surfaces appear glare, which should be left unpainted.


At the very last stage of the work, draw small details of those objects that are in the foreground. If the drawing is watercolor, you can use colored pencils for this purpose.

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