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How to paint a radiator

How to paint a radiator

Timely coloration extends lifespanbatteries, and painted radiator looks a lot better than the old and rusty. Apply the paint to the battery just enough to make it better in the period when the heating is turned off.

Permitted coloring and hot radiator, but it is not very convenient, and can affect the quality of work.

You will need

  • - Radiator Enamel or oil kraska-
  • - Soil for metal-
  • - rastvoritel-
  • - Radiator brush on a long ruchke-
  • - Flat paint kist-
  • - Sandpaper №60-80 and №150-180.



Prior to paint the battery, first cleanit from old paint and dirt. If the old paint is gone bubbles, then it clean off with sandpaper moderate grain. Final polishing is done with sandpaper №150-180. Also on sale there are special chemical washes that erode the old coating.


Once the surface is smooth, flush with the radiator debris schischennoy old paint and dirt. Degrease with solvent or acetone.


Before you paint the radiator, apply it with a brush soil layer on the metal, which will provide protection against corrosion.


To paint using oil paint orthe radiator enamel. With the latest work easier, since it is sufficiently dense composition and does not form streaks. Sometimes you can hear the recommendations that it's best to paint the battery by means of the gun. In this case, ink go more smoothly. But the risk to spoil the wallpaper with this method of coloring is large enough.


Begin with the staining of the battery internalusing a radiator brush with curved handle. The width of the brush depends on the free space between the edges of the battery: the wider it is, the more and brush.


After the inner surfacedyed, apply the paint on the outside of the battery. You can use a flat paintbrush with short handle. This will hide all streaks and defects received at coloring inside. Also in this case, less likely to be soiled with paint.


If the oil-based paint is used, then after a few hours to dry the first coat, color re-radiator. For radiator enamel often enough one layer.

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