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How to paint a moped

How to paint a moped

Painting using an aerosol can - the most common way to independently change the color of your moped or scooter.

The cost of spending is equal to the cost of the cartridges themselves, and there is no need to prepare for the paint spray gun makes things easier.

You will need

  • - 7-10 cans of enamel of the desired color of 500 ml-
  • - 4-5 cans of lakom-
  • - Varying degrees of sandpaper abrasion.



Prepare a moped for painting. To do this, remove all plastic lining that you plan to paint. If you plan to change the color of other parts of the moped (disks, muffler, air filter) - remove them too. Thoroughly clean all parts from both sides of the dirt and dust.


Deal with sandpaper all the removed parts. Cladding with large scratches, first grind coarse sandpaper, and then a smaller, and finally - nulevkoy. If there is no scratches, treat the once very fine. Warning: at the unpolished before painting plastic paint quickly crack and fall off. After grinding Wash carefully all the details of the pieces of sandpaper and dust.


To use the color enamel average pricerange. Get enamel margin, if it is not enough, do not need to look the same. Varnish can be used cheaper. As a place of work, choose a well-ventilated room or a deserted place in the open air.


Prepare a soft damp cloth to wipepaint stains. Check out the instructions on the can with enamel. Before aerosol container, shake vigorously for 3-4 minutes. When there is insufficient experience of the paint work, practice painting on any foreign objects. Pre-moisten the earth beneath or in the place of coloring to nail dust.


Staining spend a distance of 30-40 cm from theworkpiece. Apply at least two dye layers 10-20 minutes with an interval therebetween. When stains, remove them immediately prepared cloth. Large parts stained moving along the surface of the balloon at a uniform rate. For small parts, apply the paint in a circular motion with a twisting spiral.


Varnishing perform in a similar way aftercomplete drying for 50-60 minutes. If you use a good polish the product, do not spray too close to the surface in order to prevent stains and cracks. Cheap lacquer, on the contrary, Apply at close range. Lacquered spend in several layers.


The most fine sandpaper, remove paint blemishes. Thoroughly dry all parts during the day and set on a moped.

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