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How to color dark brown hair


How to color dark brown hair</a>

Each shade of hair is beautiful in its own way and gives its owner a unique charm.

The blond curls differ in their natural appearance and are admirably combined with the image of the average European women of European latitudes.

Features of this type of hair

The above color is referred to as light chestnutTones. It emphasizes the natural beauty and looks effectively with both straight strands and wavy ones. Light-brown hair goes to most types of appearance. They look unobtrusively, rather, shading the overall visual appearance than rushing to the eye with its brightness. However, swarthy girls should be wary of such a color - it is able to merge with the skin, instead of favorably emphasizing the advantages of sunburn.
Dark-blond hair looks great whenThey are healthy and shiny. However, dry and damaged strands of this color will make it even duller and less discreet. It should be remembered that natural light brown hair, as a rule, is thin and prone to change the natural shade under the influence of various factors. Therefore, it is worth approaching the question of coloring with special attention.

Variations on the staining theme

Despite the fact that some are inclined to considerDark-brown shades boring, think carefully, are you ready to radically change yourself. Return the previous form will not be easy, because this color is the golden mean between the image of a gentle blonde and a fatal brown-haired woman. It is better to dwell on options that slightly alter the natural appearance. For these purposes, tint shampoos and various unstable paints do not penetrate into the depth of the hairline so as to spoil its composition.
Before you decide on the image,Attention not only to the hairstyle, but also to your own type of appearance. Golden-chestnut and reddish hues, which can be achieved using a decoction of chamomile and henna, are emphasized by emerald eyes and olive skin. A deeper chestnut color that occurs after using tincture of bark and linden leaves, looks with cold blue eyes and aristocratic pallor. In general, you are free to choose any combination of shades, if you do not intend to excessively move away from the natural tone.
If you decide to change beyond recognition, thenYou should consult a specialist - if the staining procedure is incorrect, blonde hair can present such unexpected surprises as peculiar marsh, purple and yellow tones. Although the blond strands do not seem too dark in appearance, clarification will require hydrogen peroxide-based remedies that can change their natural appearance, making them dimmer. Recolor in a brunette or brown-haired is simple enough, these tones fit well on light brown shades, but are eaten into the structure of the hair.
Painted blonde ringlets prone to brittleness, notDamage restoring masks with the content of honey, kefir, rye bread, eggs, as well as such oils as coconut, sea-buckthorn, hemp and olive.

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