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How to paint a dark-brown hair

How to paint a dark-brown hair

Every shade of hair is beautiful in its own way and gives its owner a unique charm.

Blond curls different natural views and wonderful combined with the image of the average residents of European latitudes.

Features of this type of hair

The above refers to the color of light chestnuttones. It emphasizes the natural beauty and spectacular looks like a straight locks and wavy. Blond hair are most types of exteriors. They look unobtrusively, rather setting off the overall visual appearance than rushing into the eyes with its brightness. However, the dark-skinned girls should be wary of such a color - it is able to merge with the skin instead of being beneficial to emphasize the dignity of sunburn.
Dark brown hair look great whenthey are healthy and shiny. However, dry or damaged strands make the color more dull and discreet. It should be remembered that the natural brown hair, as a rule, are delicate and prone to natural color change under the influence of various factors. Because should approach the issue of color with special attention.

Variations on a theme of coloring

Despite the fact that some tend to believedark brown shades of boring, think whether you are ready to change themselves dramatically. Return the previous form will not be easy, because this color - a golden mean between the image of a gentle and fatal blonde haired. It is better to stay at the options, slightly alters the natural look. For this purpose, suitable coloring shampoos and various unstable paint does not penetrate the hair deep enough to spoil its composition.
Before you decide on the way, pleaseattention not only on the hair, but also on your type of appearance. Golden-brown and reddish tones that can be achieved using a decoction of chamomile and henna, underlined emerald eyes and olive skin. More deep chestnut color, occurring after the use of tincture of bark and leaves of linden, looked with cold blue eyes and an aristocratic pallor. In general, you are free to choose any combination of colors, if you are not going to move away from excessive natural colors.
If you decide to change beyond recognition, theshould see a specialist - at the wrong procedure, brown hair dyeing able to present such surprises, as a kind of swamp, purple and yellow. Although brown strands outwardly appear too dark for them to lighten the required funds on the basis of hydrogen peroxide, which can alter their natural appearance, making it more dull. Repainted a brunette brown-haired woman, or simply like tones fit well on the brown shades, but it eats into the hair structure.
Painted Light Brown hair, prone to fragility, notreducing harm mask containing honey, yogurt, rye bread, eggs, and oils such as coconut, sea buckthorn, hemp and olive.

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