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How to pack

How to pack

There are such unpleasant cases, when we buy a gift well before the holiday to catch his pack at its best, and as a result of his pack on the eve of the event, and even in a hurry.

Taken seriously, not only to the choice of gift, but also to its packaging. After all, it makes the first impression on the man.

And you do it and you can do with materials that can often be found at home.



The fastest and easiest way to packgift? is putting it in a cardboard bag. Huh? Revive? such packaging can in a jiffy. Vertical povyazhite wide ribbon by passing it between the top rope handles. Now tie in the middle of the package of tape beautiful bow. At the bow you can pin a flower made of cloth or sew beads. Then just need to unleash the imagination.


The bag can be glued of wrapping paper. Take proportional to the size of present large rectangular sheet of paper. Fold it in half and glue tape on the bottom and side. You will get a simple bag without handles. In him and put a gift. Then gather the edges of the bag at the top and tie up the beautiful ribbon. If instead of paper to use a thin fabric with sequins, the package will take even more festive look. Only cloth top is better not to tie up a ribbon and make a 15 cm from the edge of the hole, through which you can skip the ribbon and tie a bow.


You can make the original packaging. Take a sheet of paper one color. You can take two pieces. One of them is colorful, and the second? the color of the pattern. In addition, you will need beads, fishing line, and organza ribbon. Wrap gift in paper and cut them out of the same paper two ovals 15-20 cm (depending on the size of the gift). The edges have ovals make a little sharp, like a leaf. This leaves the middle of the tie ribbon and attach to the present with the help of adhesive tape. On the line can be strung beads and attach it to the Bantu of tape and paper.


Exquisitely will look a little box withring or earrings in a package made in such a way: Wrap the box in one-color or shiny tissue paper and tie a silk ribbon. Combinations of black and gold, blue with silver and red with gold will look very elegant and refined.

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