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How to pacify the enraged cat

How to pacify the enraged cat

Cats, like humans, can not be in a better mood and even experience irritation.

More often than not leads to the manifestation of anger fear surroundings.

To pacify the cat in such a situation, it is necessary to behave in a certain way.

Determine the cause

One of the most common causes,causing fear in cats and the subsequent manifestation of anger, it is the appearance of strangers to them people. Cats just do not know what they were waiting for, if you do not notice a benevolent attitude. Once afraid of one man, in the following cats may be afraid and be aggressive to other seemingly similar people. Another fairly common cause of aggression is a disease of cats. Any discomfort experienced by animals (toothache, an abscess on the skin, small wounds, etc.) can lead to aggressive behavior in relation to the surrounding people and animals. Before attempting to pacify the cat to determine if he is really angry or just showing fear. The distinction between these states in cats is thin, they can transform into each other for a few seconds. A clear manifestation of aggressive behavior is arched upward spin.

Take your time and be careful

The attack enraged cat can lead toquite serious injury in the form of deep scratches and bites. Give him time and space to calm down, do not try to take care of him, stroking and hugging him. Remove the source of irritation, this may be another cat, a stranger or anything else. Once the symptoms of anger will disappear, slowly go up and stretch a hand to him. If the cat begins to hiss or arch his back, so he still has not calmed down, and he needs more time. Keep calm and do not make sudden movements, it can scare the cat. Keep the relative silence within a few hours.

Distract the cat

A good way to distract from the enraged catsources of irritation - feed him. Give him his favorite food, in most cases this is enough to completely calm the cat. If your house is home to several cats that are constantly at war with each other, you may need to isolate them from each other. If the source of the fear of the cat is a particular person who comes to visit you, lock the cat in a separate room at the time of his visit. In any case, do not try to blame the cat, or to apply to it the physical impact, the result will almost always be zero.

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