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How to overcome the sadness

The mood of a person can change several times a day.

What is worse, the most miserable feeling his master.

He has no desire to do anything, he can not concentrate.

It wakes indifference.

To regain his iridescence of the day, it is necessary to raise the fallen spirits.



Take love. Nothing will improve vitality, like an hour or two spent at a favorite pastime. Do not restrain yourself, and better treat.


Listen to funny song. When in a bad mood - not to fun, but try to include and listen to lively music. Maybe first the brain and will reject pristavuchie tune, but then you notice, as already stamping his foot, and, smiling, singing along.


Stroll. If you have free time, and on the street fine weather, go out into the fresh air. Usually the head of the street filled with different thoughts, or, conversely, leave it - each in its own way. And the mood soars like a balloon filled with helium.


Make useful. Occupy yourself with something important, something that will distract you from everything else for a while.


Go to sleep. If absolutely all badly, then lie down to take a nap. A bad mood as well as the problem, sometimes you just need to sleep


Dream. Think about what you will find in the future, something good and pleasant. And still tell yourself that because it certainly will be.


Think about the best. Repeat yourself over and over again, which is not always bad.


Remember the nice thing of the past. The lived happy moments, hours or days, though generous bonuses, help us to cope with many difficulties, bad mood as well.


Roll the fool. For example, act out someone, but not cruel. Razrisuy photo or poobezyannichayte front of a mirror.

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