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How to overcome sadness


How to overcome sadness</a>

The mood of a person can change several times a day.

The worse it is, the poorer its owner feels.

He has no desire to do anything, he can not concentrate.

Indifference awakens in him.

To regain the former rainbow of the day, you need to lift the fallen mood.



Do what you love. Nothing will increase the vitality, like an hour or two, spent for your favorite pastime. Do not hold back, but rather pamper.


Listen to funny songs. When a bad mood - not to fun, but try to turn on and listen to funny music. Maybe, at first the brain will reject the intruding motives, but then you will notice how you are already tapping your foot and, smiling, are singing along.


Take a walk. If you have free time, and the weather is fine, go out into the fresh air. Usually on the street the head is filled with different thoughts or, on the contrary, they leave it - each in his own way. And the mood soars, like a balloon filled with helium.


Make a useful business. Take care of yourself with something important, something that will distract you from everything else for a while.


Have a rest. If it really is all very bad, then go to sleep. A bad mood is the same as a problem, sometimes you just have to sleep


Dream. Think about what awaits you in the future, about something good and pleasant. And tell yourself that it will be so.


Think about the best. Repeat yourself over and over again, which is not always bad.


Remember a pleasant moment from the past. Lived happy minutes, hours or days, like generous bonuses, help us cope with many difficulties, bad mood, including.


Fall off the fool. For example, play someone, but not cruelly. Draw a photo or poobesyannichayte in front of the mirror.

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