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How to overcome a mold in the house

How to overcome a mold in the house

Mould - a kind of poison for your home. It is extremely harmful to health.

At the time of inhaling mold spores can causeallergic reactions, as well as block your breathing. Mould occurs when excessive moisture on the walls in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the attic or in the basement, as well as on wet clothes.

The best time of the year when your house may be mold - autumn, when the weather is cold and wet.

By the winter of your home will form a lot of mold, it will look very unpleasant.



Good inspect every room in searchsmall traces of mold. Find the cause of the mold. Insulate your doors and windows, check every hole, through which your home can penetrate the moisture.


Buy a desiccant or setair conditioning. Remove the mold from the walls, and then treat the place a substance to kill the mold. Buy a special anti-mold paint and paint over the places where she appeared.


Things that are affected by mold,discard, to eliminate sources of mold. Remember that clean and well ventilated house will save you from worries about the secondary mold.


If you do not want to throw out clothes with patches of mold, then disinfect it with chlorine. For this process the raw place, and leave the garment for 50 minutes, then wipe with a cloth and wash.

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