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How to overcome irritation


How to overcome irritation</a>

You feel yourself screwed up, nerves at the limit. Until recently, you smiled, and now you are ready to swear against anyone because of the nonsense.

You yourself understand that this mood will not lead to anything good.

The soul and requires to restore inner peace.



If irritation is caused by a person, try to put yourself in his place. It will be much easier to understand what is happening and how to treat it when the position of both sides is clear.


Try not to blame other people for what's on your mind. The lack of calm sometimes depends not on the person smiling at you, but on the events preceding him.


Go for compromises. Before starting a quarrel, it is better to try to agree with yourself or another person, according to circumstances. The more you resist the environment around you, the more nervous and uncomfortable.


Do not take too long. If irritation passes into anger, it is better not to hold it in yourself. Sooner or later it will manifest itself anyway. On the raised tones to express it is undesirable, and to be rude too. However, you can show your discontent quite reasonably. You will immediately feel how it will become easier.


Think about how you will look at what happens after a while. What's annoying now seems like a waste of energy and nerves afterwards.


If there is a possibility, distract yourself with your favorite occupation, and do not wind even more unpleasant conversations and empty thoughts.


Think of something good. Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a couple of seconds. Transfer the consciousness to a more pleasant environment, where you can relax and calm down.


Find out the cause of your irritation. Sometimes it is easy enough to understand how it all started to realize that it is not worth your nerves.

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