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How to overcome the feeling of hunger during dieting

How to overcome the feeling of hunger during dieting

Every woman aspires to look slim and attractive, and many in the pursuit of a beautiful figure pace yourself diets. And the most difficult with a diet - to overcome the feeling of hunger.

But there are techniques you can use to muffle hunger.



Imposes food in a small plate. So you "Teach" your stomach to a small portions and do not overeat. Carefully and slowly chew food. Choose foods that need a long time to chew, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, lean beef, whole wheat bread.


Not merznu. When a person is cold, it spends so much energy, a feeling of hunger, and after a walk in the fresh cool air should first warm up and then sit down at the table. Eat in the light. In rooms with bright light saturation occurs faster than in a darkened room watching television.


Seasoned food. Added to food, ginger, coffee, orange, pepper, garlic, paprika. Their odor gives the brain signals about saturation and brings a sense of pleasure and joy.

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