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How to overcome the depressed mood

After much stress, prolonged traumaticthe situation is very often a serious mental illness that is called depression. From this disorder suffer from not only the patient but also the people who surround him.

This state is characterized by a constant bad mood, apathy, laziness.

To prevent the occurrence of and overcome depression, you need to remember some simple rules and try to follow them.



Remember all the most colorful and successfulmoments of your life. Mentally feel them again and immerse yourself with delight in memories. Pull yourself together, try to forget the past, associated with a particular negative situation.


Quit bad habits. Take a fascinating thing for you, whether it's cross-stitch or sports. Master the new job. Take care of your figure, appearance. Get new acquaintances with interesting people, communication with which you will only benefit. Teach yourself to active recreation and revise its vital interests.


Think only positive, try to drive away from all the negative thoughts and bad emotions. Remember that depression is only temporary, life goes on and things will change for the better.

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