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How to overcome the fear of the scene


The fear of the stage can be defeated</a>

Some people have a fear of speaking in public.

Symptoms of such social fear may beProfuse sweating, palpitations, tremors in the voice and tremors of the limbs. Anyone who is pathologically afraid of the scene, can even experience nausea.

If you are worried about the fear of public speaking, prepare well for the entrance to the stage and try to perform special exercises to get rid of your phobia.



Learn your text in "five". If you are sure that you are perfectly versed in the subject of the discussion or have perfectly learned your own role, you will be less worried. Find more information, go through the main material again, pick out the text and make a plan for the speech.


Work on your own voice. Record your speech on the recorder, and then listen. Perhaps you will identify some shortcomings that can be corrected. If you know how the audience hears you, you will worry less.


Stand in front of a mirror and imagine thatSpeak to the public. Pay attention to your facial expressions, work out gestures and movements. Try to look at yourself from outside and adjust your coordination.


Thoroughly think out clothes for performance at theScene. If you mean going out in a ready-made suit, be sure to try on it beforehand so that immediately before the performance it will not turn out that the clothes are not your size or require fixing.


Picking up items from your wardrobe, think,Whether they are relevant in this case and whether the topic of your speech is appropriate. Remember that in the chosen suit you should be as comfortable as possible, otherwise you will be distracted by discomfort and even more nervous.


Perform special exercises to reduce the fear of the scene. For example, before entering the stage, slowly take a few deep breaths and exhalations.


Try to mentally increase your ownImportance and reduce the importance for you of the public opinion. Realize all your power in the audience. Just think: you stand on the stage, and all those sitting in the hall listen to you and only look at you.


Let you fill the feeling of your ownDignity and pride in yourself. Think about your luck. It can be not only great performances, but also other life victories. The main thing is to get the right attitude. Be a positive and optimistic person and do not even allow the thought of failure.


Use the visualization tool. Mentally imagine how you go on stage and perfectly cope with your performance. Try to hear the applause in the hall and see the glowing eyes of grateful spectators.


Develop in yourself a creative beginning and imagination. So you will be ready to improvise in an unforeseen situation, which will give you additional confidence.

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