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Stage Fright beatable

Some people have a fear of speaking in public.

The symptoms of a social fear may beprofuse sweating, heart palpitations, trembling voice and tremor of the limbs. Anyone who is pathologically afraid of the scene may even experience nausea.

If you are concerned about the fear of public speaking, well, prepare to go on stage and try to perform special exercises to get rid of their phobias.



Learn your text on the "five". If you believe that great familiar with the topic of discussion or a great learned own role, you will worry less. Find additional information again go over the base material, memorize the text and make a speech plan.


Improve your own voice. Record your voice on voice recorder and then listen. You may identify some of the shortcomings that can be remedied. If you know how you can hear the audience, will be less worried.


Stand before a mirror and imagine thatpresenting to the public. Pay attention to your facial expressions, spent gestures and movements. Try to look at ourselves and correct their coordination.


Carefully consider the clothes to speak atstage. If the implied yield in the finished suit, be sure to pre-try on him, not to just before the performance it turned out that the clothes you do not have the size or needs repair.


By selecting items from her wardrobe, think,how they are relevant in this case and whether the topic of your speech. Remember that you choose a suit should be as convenient, otherwise you will be distracted by the discomfort and even more nervous.


Perform special exercises to reduce stage fright. For example, before exiting the stage slowly take a few deep breaths.


Try to mentally increase its ownthe significance and the importance for you to reduce the public opinion. Be aware of all their power on the audience. Just think: you're standing on a stage, and all sitting in the audience listening to you, and look only at you.


Suppose you fill selfesteem and pride in themselves. Think about your successes. It can be not only excellent performance, but also other vital victory. The main thing - to get the right mindset. Be positive and optimistic person and do not let the thought of failure.


Use visualization reception. Visualize how you go out on stage and copes with his performance. Try to hear the applause from the audience and see the shining eyes of grateful spectators.


Develop the creativity and imagination. So you're ready to improvise in an emergency situation, which will give you extra confidence.

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