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How to overcome the fear of self-doubt


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Everyone from the very childhood is in contact with the environment.

But, despite this, for many, communication with unfamiliar or unfamiliar people becomes quite difficult, causes internal fears and insecurities.

Problems on this background can arise the mostdifferent. One, for example, is worth much effort to defend their interests. For other complexities, it causes an expression of their opinion, so that they are understood by others. Thirdly, it is difficult to establish communication with a person, especially if a person is impressed. Fourth is difficult to talk because of their excessive tact, and the fifth are afraid that after the conversation they will begin to condemn.

But it is worth considering that the modern societyImplies constant communication and therefore it is necessary to be able to overcome such fears in order to assert itself in life and become a successful person.

Insecurity can arise for various reasons. Perhaps a person does not know how to correctly perceive the words of others or perceives them too close to the heart.

There may be some psychological traumaChildhood. In general, there can be a huge number of reasons, but it is necessary to fight it anyway. Psychologists propose to model and create for themselves various situations that will eventually eliminate insecurity in themselves.

Go to the electrical shop, selectAnd ask the seller to advise you. Listen to it, take part in the conversation and go away without buying anything and thanking the seller.

Go to the store of expensive goods, very expensiveAnd start looking at the goods. When the seller asks if you need help, you just have to refuse to continue studying the goods. Often, sellers are angry, but it is important not to pay attention to them and stand on their own.

In the store you need to ask for a change of money, without excuses and explanations.

It is worth turning to the passer-by on the street, asking him to call. You need to be prepared for what most people refuse.

It is necessary to try to get acquainted with a person right on the street. In this case, the acquaintance must be positive and should reach the exchange of contacts.

The main thing is to rehearse the same situation several times. This will help you learn to communicate with new people and not take their words too literally.

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