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How to overcome the fear of insecurity

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Each person from childhood in contact with the environment.

But, despite this, many chat with strangers or unfamiliar people become heavy enough to cause inner fears and insecurities.

Problems on this background there may be the bestdifferent. One, for example, is too difficult to defend its interests. For other causes of difficulty of expression, so that they understand the surrounding. Third, it is difficult to establish contact with the person, especially if people are impressed. The fourth is difficult to say because of their excessive tact and fifth afraid that after their conversation will condemn.

But it is necessary to consider that modern societyIt implies a constant dialogue and therefore should be able to overcome such a fear to assert themselves in life and become a successful person.

Self-doubt can occur for various reasons. Maybe people do not know how to properly take the words of others, or takes them too seriously.

There may be some psychological traumachildhood. In general, the reasons can be a huge amount, but it is necessary to deal with anyway. Psychologists offer a model and create for themselves a variety of situations, which over time will remove self-doubt.

Go to store electrical equipment chooseitems and ask the seller that he consulted you. Listen to it, take part in the conversation and walk away, without buying anything and thanking the seller.

Go to store expensive goods, very expensiveand begin to consider products. When the dealer will ask if help is needed, you must simply refuse to continue to continue to examine the goods. Often sellers is angry, but it is important not to ignore them and stand on his own.

The store should be asked to exchange money, without excuses and explanations.

It should appeal to the passerby on the street, asking them to call. You have to be prepared for the fact that most people will give up.

It is necessary to try to meet the man on the street. This knowledge should be positive and should reach the contacts exchange.

The main thing to rehearse the same situation a few times. This will help to learn to communicate with new people, and do not take their words too literally.

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