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How to overcome fear of dismissal

How to overcome fear of dismissal

Many of us are very much afraid of losing their jobs, but the layoff actually - it remedied.

If you are the primary breadwinner in the family, you will be particularly unpleasant and even frightening if a post for some reason have to leave.

And if you "hang" unpaid loan or some other debts, the situation is getting worse. In this situation, the main thing - to be able to overcome the fear of job loss.

If your company leaders are looking for ways toreduce costs, and the company itself temporarily gets very little profit, it increases the risk of dismissal of employees. The fact that the boss no longer on what to save. The risk group includes people who are at odds with the leadership or influential colleagues and staff who often make mistakes in work late, skip, and so on.

If your situation does not fitthe above categories, then go to work with pleasure - your fear of possible dismissal not justified and in no way confirmed. Refer to the psychologist, to competently work on them, or rather on the level of anxiety, which can adversely affect the self-esteem. Needless anxious people are afraid of bugs, so double-check the work performed several times, which takes a lot of time. As a result, the work itself becomes less productive.

Remember that the competent staffdismissed only in exceptional cases. Become a true professional in their field. Read business books, where you can find stuff to work in your industry. If the company's business as a whole are not going well, do not cling to the illusive temporary stability. Internally prepare themselves to carry out other work, perhaps even in another field of activity. So you can clearly recognize their own willingness to start from scratch at any time. And when you realize it, then the fear of possible dismissal just let you go ...

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