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How to overcome fear and start singing


Overpower yourself and sing</a>

Start a new business is always scary, because there is no experience and there is a fear that nothing will turn out.

It is necessary to drop all doubts and follow your dream.

How to decide to sing

If a person has a desire to sing, then heShould decide whether this path will become a professional field for him or whether he should stop at the amateur level. Professional singers from early childhood prepare themselves for performances on stage, in front of a large audience. In order to have confidence, the stiffness has disappeared, it is necessary to believe in yourself and, of course, much to learn and practice. The applause of the audience is a true praise, according to the reaction of the audience, you can determine whether the singing was pleasant or not. The auditorium has a powerful energy. That's it, too, you need to be able to cope with.

Finish the music school - this is not enough toFeel on stage at ease. It is necessary to take part in concerts several times. After a while this will become a habit, the ability to tune in to the performance will come. Many artists have developed their own methods, how to calm themselves, so that the voice does not tremble during the performance. You can stay alone or, conversely, laugh and throw out overwhelming emotions.

You can overcome fear only by overcoming yourself. The technique is effective when a person comes to a crowded place and begins to sing. Such training can be conducted in public transport or subway crossing.

Several ways to overcome fear

You can start singing at any age, but the soonerTo do so, the more heights you can reach. Many complexes stretch from childhood. One careless phrase about the fact that the bear in your ear has come, and everything, the child can say goodbye forever to singing, even with excellent voice data. If the soul wants to sing, then why restrain yourself. You can sing for your relatives on holidays or perform at school events, sing in karaoke, in the shower and in the kitchen.

If you can not sing simply, you need to find motivation. Love works wonders. To make a dear person pleasant, you can perform a beautiful romantic song.

If the fear is so strong that the voice is shackledAnd in general you can not do anything, then you should analyze the situation and identify the cause. If it did not happen once, you do not need to focus on the unsuccessful experience. You have to overcome yourself and try again. You can look at the problem with humor and try on the role of an artist. Dress up to become like him, and try to fool around in front of the mirror. Humor promotes relaxation, and stiffness can be lost.

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