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How to overcome fear and begin to sing

Controlled himself and sing

Begin to engage in new business is always scary because there is no experience and there is a fear that it will not work.

It is necessary to discard all doubt and to follow his dream.

How dare sing

If a person has a desire to sing, heshould decide, it will be for this professional career path or else should stop at the amateur level. Professional singers from early childhood prepare themselves for performances on stage, in front of a large audience. To Reassurance gone stiff, you must believe in yourself and, of course, a lot to learn and practice. Applause - a true compliment, you can determine whether or not liked singing for the public reaction. The auditorium has a powerful energy. Here it is also necessary to be able to cope.

Finish the music school - it is not enough tofeel on stage at ease. You must repeatedly take part in the concerts. After a while it becomes a habit, comes the ability to tune in to the performance. Many artists have developed the technique of how to soothe himself to voice trembled during his speech. You can be alone or, conversely, to laugh and splash overwhelming emotions.

Overcome fear can only bring himself. An effective technique is when a person comes into the crowded place and begins to sing. Such training can be carried out in the public transport or the subway.

Several ways to overcome fear

Start singing at any age, but the soonerto do this, the high altitude can be achieved. Many complexes are drawn from childhood. One careless phrase about the fact that the bear's ear came, and all the child can say goodbye to singing, even while having an excellent voice data. If the soul wants to sing, why restrain himself. You can sing to their relatives on holidays or speak at school events, sing karaoke, in the shower and in the kitchen.

If you can not sing just like that, you need to find the motivation. Love works wonders. To make a nice dear man, you can perform a beautiful romantic song.

If the fear is so strong that binds the voiceand generally can not execute anything, then it is necessary to analyze the situation and identify the cause. If you do not happen once, it is not necessary to focus on the bad experience. It is necessary to overcome itself and try again. You can look at the problem with humor and try on the role of any artist. Along so as to become like him, and try to have some fun in front of the mirror. Humor helps to relax, and stiffness may disappear.

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