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How to overcome depression

How to overcome depression

The older a person gets, the greater accountability expected of him. Often, it becomes too heavy a load, whether it be a question of routine work or difficulties in his personal life.

Spleen, caused by numerous factors, violates the spiritual harmony and does not allow to fully exist.

How to set yourself on a positive wave?



No need to meticulously analyze their failures andmistakes, focus on what succeeds wonderfully well, even if the gains are small. Do not forget to praise yourself for the effort has been made to approach the goal. Learn to believe in yourself, then others will believe in you.


Rejoice in detail. Not an awkward relationship with the partner in life and everything seems bleak? You can not find his calling and you discouraged? Think of family, friends, their hobbies, watch a good movie, buy a favorite food and learn to smile vyglyanuvshemu sun. Do not focus on the misadventures, draws inspiration from the pleasant events.


Do not reproach yourself for failing to change the courseevents. Do everything depends on you. If your part does not affect the situation, it is important to find the strength to let go of her, instead of exhaust itself experiences.


Be honest with yourself, stay away fromunpleasant person and enlist the support of those who are dear. Learn to express feelings, whether it is a story in the diary or conversation over tea with a friend. If you can articulate what disturbs, it will be easier to find a way to deal with the problems.


A visit to the therapist remains a last resort, to which few are accustomed to resort. But if you feel that you yourself can not take himself in hand, it is worth to trust a specialist.

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