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How to disperse your brain


How to disperse your brain</a>

It is difficult to find a person who is completely satisfied with his mental abilities, and does not dream of improving them, becoming smarter and more resourceful.

You can train your brain throughout life to use the maximum of its resources, which will help you to make quick decisions in the future, and also increase your abilities in various areas.



To work brainAnd favorably affects dark chocolate. To wake up mental activity, eat a dark chocolate bar with a high percentage of cocoa content. It will also be useful to chew mint chewing gum and do articulatory and mimic exercises. Do a gymnastics, wash with cold water or take a contrast shower.


Start exercising brain, Visualizing different images? For example, try to observe yourself from the side, achieving maximum immersion in this state. Close your right eye and try? Switch off? Right hemisphere braina.


Then close the left eye and turn off the left hemisphere. Exercise will be done correctly, if you notice that your feelings vary depending on which hemisphere are you? Disconnected ?.


Mentally say to yourself patter,Pronouncing them within themselves clearly, clearly and quickly. Try to speed up your thoughts? Think with the usual phrases and formulations, but pronounce them mentally as quickly as possible. This will allow brainTo warm up and prepare for increased mental work.


You can artificially increase the influx of adrenalinein organism ? With regular training the body will get used to that boredom, apathy and sluggishness you perceive as a direct threat, which means that it will produce adrenaline, stimulating brainNew activity.


After excessive excitation, you need to calm your brain ? This will increase the effectiveness of mental activity. Find that way of relaxation and putting yourself in order, which is right for you.


Listen to music that causes you to maximizeFilled sensations, meditate, read, rest? Do things that inspire and harmonize you. Think about your dreams and future plans, imagine how you achieve them. Believe in yourself and in your success, and soon you will notice that your thinking works much more effectively.

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