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How to overclock your brain

How to overclock your brain

It's hard to find someone who is completely satisfied with their mental abilities, and dreams to improve them, to become smarter and smarter.

You can train your brain throughout life, to use the maximum of its resources, which will help in the future to make decisions quickly, as well as increase your ability in certain areas.



To work brainand the positive effect of dark chocolate. To wake up the mental activity, eat a slice of dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa content. It will also be useful to chew mint gum and help articulation and facial exercises. Make exercise, wash with cold water or take a contrast shower.


Start exercise brainVisualizing different images? for example, try to watch a side, ensuring maximum immersion in this state. Close your right eye and try to? Disconnect? right hemisphere braina.


Then close your left eye and turn off the left hemisphere. Exercise is done right, if you notice that your feelings change depending on which hemisphere you are? Disconnected ?.


Mentally pronounce himself tongue twisters,pronouncing them inside a clear, clear and fast. Try to accelerate your thoughts? Think familiar phrases and wording, but say them mentally as quickly as possible. This will brainin warm up and prepare for the enhanced mental work.


You can artificially enhance the adrenaline rushin organism ? with regular exercise, the body will get used to that boredom, apathy and sluggishness you perceive as a direct threat and, therefore, it will produce adrenaline, which stimulates braina marketing activity.


After over-excitation you need to calm your brain ? it will increase the efficiency of intellectual activity. Find the way to relaxation and reduction of in an order that suits you.


Listen to music that causes you the mostfull of feeling, meditate, read, relax? do things that inspire and harmonize you. Think about your dreams and future plans, imagine how you will reach them. Believe in yourself and your success, and soon you will notice that your thinking is much more efficient.

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