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How to overclock a video card


If there is no possibility to buy a video card, accelerate the old one</a>

Is your video card stopping you?

She is already struggling? New toys? This means that it begins to become obsolete.

Still, the computer industry is developing rapidly: new equipment appears, and in six months or a year it is becoming obsolete.

Why buy a new one, wait.

In the meantime, try to disperse the available.



We need to increase the memory frequency of the video card and itsChipset. And for this, a decent cooling should be on the chip of the card. Since on many video cards only a video chip is supplied with cooling, it is exactly its frequency that we will increase.


Download the program that will help usOverclock the video card. Let it be RivaTuner. Very simple and understandable program. We choose the model of our video card, in the triangle below we see the text "Customize ?. We accelerate the map with the driver, select the bottom triangle.


We will have a second window. The sliders shown in it are not available to us at first. To open access to their change, put a tick on the checkbox? Enable driver-level hardware overclocking ?. Now you can move the sliders, which we do. Just do not increase the frequency too fast and too fast. Have you put the sliders as convenient for you? Now click on? Test? And check to see if your favorite games are slowing down. If they brake? Return the old values ​​better. You can do these operations as much as you like, just do not forget to make sure that the PC temperature does not jump very hard.


It remains to test the video card usingProgram designed specifically for this. The program is called 3DMark and it is also quite simple to use. We select tests in turn and look at how their program conducts. First, the next test is done with minimal settings, and then? With the maximum. After passing the tests, you will see a? Verdict ?. Just make sure that the program is right for the video card. And if you choose a program with old tests, the result will not be objective and reflect the real state of affairs.

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