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How to overclock the video card

If you can not buy a graphics card, overclock old

Your graphics card is no longer suit you?

She already struggling? Pull? new toys? This means that it is becoming obsolete.

Still, the computer industry is developing rapidly: there is new equipment, and in six months or a year has become obsolete.

Why buy a new one, wait.

In the meantime, try to disperse available.



We need to increase the memory of the graphics card and its frequencychipset. And to do this on a chip card must be decent cooling. Since many graphics cards cooling is supplied with a chip, it is his, and we will increase the frequency.


Download the program, which will help usoverclock the video card. Let it be RivaTuner. Very simple and clear program. Select the model of your graphics card, in the triangle below we can see the text? Customize ?. Overclock the card using the driver, choose the lower triangle.


We have a second window will appear. Illustrated therein sliders first, we are not available. To open access to change them, put a tick in the box here? Enable driver-level hardware overclocking ?. Now you can move the sliders, which is what we do. Just do not turn up too hard and fast rate. It exposes sliders as you wish? Now click on the? Test? and check, do not brake if your favorite games. If the brakes? return better than the old values. You can perform the steps as you like, just do not forget to ensure that your PC is not much temperature jumped.


It remains to test the graphics card with the help ofprogram, designed especially for this. The program is called the 3DMark and it is also quite easy to use. Choose the tests turn and look at how their program performs. First, the next test is carried out with the minimum settings, and then? with the maximum. After passing the test, you will see? Verdict ?. Just make sure that the program is suitable for the video card itself. And if you choose a program with old tests, the result will not be objective and reflect the real situation.

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