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Orthodox prayer study the veneration of saints

Orthodox justification for the veneration of saints prayer

The Scriptures of the New Testament refers to the chief mediator in the salvation and redemption of humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This can be understood in light of the fact that it is through the Savior's sacrifice of his freedom man reconciled with God.

However, the Orthodox people have special prayer and worship saints.

Before answering the question of the groundsprayerful veneration of saints Orthodox people is worth noting that the worship of God and the saints are fundamentally different things. One Lord can and should render worship as wholehearted service. For more acceptable term holy reverent worship.

In the Orthodox tradition, the people are holy,acquire special grace (holiness). God's saints are more experienced in the spiritual life, so they are able to help people less than perfect. Saints for the Orthodox people - are great intercessors before God for humanity. Numerous cases of real help to people in a variety of needs treatment after a prayer to the saints.

there is a concept in the orthodox doctrine of thethe relationship of the Church of the earth and heaven. Under the earth understood the people living on earth, and under the heaven - those who moved in the eternal life. Christianity proclaims the people of the saints (members of the celestial Church) have a special grace of prayer for the living. Saints may ask God needs in saving benefits of living people. This may explain the special love of the Orthodox people of the saints. You can talk about the fact that people acquire holiness, they are valid and effective helpers person in his life.

In Scripture there are some places inwhich refers to the veneration of the saints. So, in the Old Testament it is said that "the memory of the righteous will be blessed" (Proverbs 10.7), as the Apostle Paul says in the New Testament book of Hebrews about the necessity of honoring mentors and imitate their lives (Heb. 13.7). It turns out that for the Orthodox Christian saints is not only aides in different needs, and role models, because according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church, each person is called to holiness.

People love to many holy finds its reflection not only in prayer appeals, but in reverent worship of relics, the erection of temples in honor of the saints.

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