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ORIGINAL shade for a table lamp with his hands

The original lamp shade for a table lamp with his hands

Beautiful lighting solution - this is an important moment in the decor of the room. Quickly freshen the interior without significant financial investments can make a new original lamp shade for a lamp.

He will make a special touch to your living space.

Lace lampshade

To create this lamp shade for table lampsyou need the frame of the old. Decorate possible as a metal substrate, and smooth plastic. Wrap the large frame by newspapers and zamnite him on the top and bottom. Remove the sheet and cut out the part of it. Again, try on and adjust its size.

Fabric for the décor elements are selected to meet the requirementslighting of the room. If you need a bright light, use a thinner fabric and transparent and dense material base for the shadows. Attach a newspaper and make a pattern of the workpiece cloth based allowances.

Originally will look at this lampshade pleated fabric. She will light volume due to the accordion effect.

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Wrap the cloth prepared frame, pull and fix it, having turned in the opposite direction. On a metal frame material can be sewn with thread, and a plastic stick with hot glue.

In more detail make the pattern of the paperguipure. Fix it on top of a lampshade covered with fabric. If you want, you can make a lace detail a little bit longer than the pattern, then it will drape beautifully on the lampshade.

Lampshade made of beads

The original and transparent for light shade possibledone using beads and bead supplies. Make of aluminum wire frame for a lamp or use the old one. Paint with acrylic paint and a brush or spray foundation in the perfect color. It will be clearly visible through the decorative elements.

If you want to make an interesting texture formetal frame, wrap each wire separately toilet paper, periodically soaking it in glue PVA. When the glue dries, paint with acrylic paints basis for the lampshade.

On the long piece of fishing line nanizhite different sizesbeads, interspersed them with beads. You should get a long string. On both sides it ends leave the fishing line so that they can be locked on the metal frame.

For this decoration lampshade you can use ready-made thread with beads, jute rope, narrow ribbon or braid.

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Tie one end of the fishing line to the upper circlelampshade. Wrap the entire structure through the upper and lower circles. winding density adjust to your liking. Add decor lampshade can attach to the bottom edge of the frame drop-shaped pendants. Simply thread the through hole in which a piece of fishing line and attach them to the metal circle. Cut the protruding edge of the line and oplavte them not blossomed thread and some decorations.

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