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ORIGINAL Lampshade for the table lamp with your own hands


The original lampshade for the table lamp by own hands</a>

A beautiful lighting solution is an important moment in the decor of the room. Quickly refresh the interior without significant financial investment can be, by making a new original lampshade for the lamp.

He will bring his special flavor into your living space.

Lace Shade

To create this lampshade lampYou will need a skeleton from the old one. Decorate can be both a metal base, and a smooth plastic. Wrap the frame with a large newspaper sheet and replace it on the top and bottom. Remove the sheet and cut out the part. Again, try it on and adjust it to fit.

Fabric for decor choose according to the requirementsOn the lighting of the room. If you need bright light, use a tissue that is thinner and more transparent, and dense material will suit a semi-darkness. Attach a newspaper pattern and make the workpiece from the fabric, taking into account the allowances.

The corrugated fabric will look original on this lampshade. It will give an easy volume due to the effect of the accordion.

Wrap the frame with a prepared cloth, tighten and secure it by bending it on the back side. On the metal frame material can be threaded, and on plastic just glue with hot glue.

On paper pattern, make another part fromGuipure. Fix it on top of the lampshade, covered with a cloth. If there is a desire, then the lace part can be made a little longer than the pattern, then it will be beautifully draped on the lampshade.

Lampshade from beads

An original and transparent lampshade for lightDo using beads and beads. Make an aluminum wire frame for a lamp or use the old one. Paint with acrylic paint and a brush or spray base in a suitable color for you. It will be clearly visible through decorative elements.

If you want to make an interesting invoice forMetal frame, wrap each wire separately with toilet paper, periodically wetting it in a PVA glue. When the glue dries, paint with acrylic paints the basis for the lamp shade.

On a long piece of fishing line string up a different sizeBeads, interleave them with beads. You should get a long string. On both sides, leave the ends of the line so that they can be fixed on the metal frame.

For such an ornament of a lampshade, you can use ready-made threads with beads, jute rope, narrow ribbons or braid.

Tie one end of the line to the top circleLampshade. Wrap the whole structure through the upper and lower circles. Adjust the winding density at your own discretion. To complement the decor of the lampshade, you can attach drop-shaped pendants to the bottom edge of the frame. Just pass through a hole in them a piece of fishing line and tie them to a metal circle. Cut off the protruding edges of the fishing line and blow them up so that the thread and individual decorations do not open.

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