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How to organize your company

How to organize your company

It is necessary to organize the company so that employees are motivated to increase profits, which they offer, and at the same time will not be a significant item of expenditure.

You will need

  • - a computer



If you will be the opening of the company, writeall activities which will deal directly with the company. Estimate the amount and calculate the number of people that you want to make the company profitable. A key factor in this case is the division of responsibilities among several employees and division of responsibility in such a way that each of them depends on the success of the previous one.


Keep the system of working hours. It is essential that every employee every day filled progress report accordingly to the time he spent on it. All reports should be coming to you in person or responsible for the management of your company. Also, keep a form of monthly and annual report in order to assess the percentage of load of your employees.


Regularly arrange joint events tomaintaining collective sentiments. Follow the tactics of democratic governance, so that you keep the overall team spirit and motivate employees to higher results of their work.

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