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How to organize your company


How to organize your company</a>

It is necessary to organize a company in such a way that employees are motivated to increase the profit they bring, and at the same time will not be a significant expense item.

You will need

  • - a computer



If you are to open a company, write outAll activities that will be dealt with directly by the company. Evaluate the volume and calculate the number of people needed to make the company profitable. The key factor in this case is the division of responsibilities between several employees and the division of responsibilities in such a way that the success of the previous depends on each of them.


Keep the time tracking system. It is necessary that each employee daily fill out a report on the work done, respectively, with the time that he spent on it. All reports should come to you personally or responsible for management in your company. Also keep a monthly and annual report form in order to estimate the percentage of your employees' workload.


Regularly arrange joint activities forMaintaining a collective mood. Follow the tactics of democratic governance, so you maintain a common team spirit and motivate employees to improve their performance.

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