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How to organize your business


How to organize your business</a>

Surely many of us are thinking about the openingOwn business. Someone does this because they are tired of the main job, someone wants to stop working "on his uncle", someone just has a lot of good ideas.

Before we act, it is worth - and what are our personal reasons for organizing our enterprise, our small business and how to start with our capabilities.



There is such a myth that working in the office is slavery,And business, entrepreneurship is freedom. Most likely, it will turn out the opposite, because you will have to work on organizing your company first not for 8-9 hours a day and not for wages, but for 16-20 hours and only for possible future profits. Naturally, this does not mean that business is not needed, but before the start it is necessary to realize that there is a lot to work and risk for the organization of your own enterprise.


When organizing an enterprise is extremely importantProvide for many things like renting a room, hiring staff, registering documents, etc. The best way to do this is to write a clear business plan for yourself. It is worth it to paint everything you need for an enterprise, calculate costs, set deadlines. Such a business plan will help to see what is more, and what is less important, to focus on meaningful and to develop an algorithm for organizing your business.


For example, consider what is necessary to open a small studio for tailoring wedding and evening dresses. The business plan of such an atelier will contain such items:

1. The room.

2. Equipment (sewing machines).

3. Suppliers of fabric and other materials.

4. Hiring of personnel.

5. Advertising and attracting customers.

6. Registration of the company.


Next, we divide the existing items into subparagraphs and obtain:
1. The room.

A) the area where it can be rented

B) Possibility to rent at a discount, on acquaintance, etc.

C) rental price for half a year-year
2. Equipment.

A) supplier

B) the price
3. Suppliers of fabric and other materials.

A) approximate market prices for fabrics and other necessary materials.

B) consideration of offers from suppliers, possibility of discounts.
4. Hiring of personnel.

A) how many people need to start (seamstresses, cutters, secretary).

B) salary
5. Advertising and attracting customers.

A) the most appropriate ways to advertise ateliers

B) approximate budget
6. Registration of the company.

A) choice of organizational and legal form

B) collection of documents and the actual registration process

C) cost.


After drawing up such a detailed business plan,Answers to all questions put in it, the analysis of the market for evening and wedding dresses can begin to act directly. The complexity of the organization of the enterprise is that it is necessary to perform many different actions at once. You must simultaneously collect documents for the registration of the company (if you do not want sanctions for illegal business), look for suppliers and premises, and order equipment. Personnel selection and advertising campaign is also better to start immediately, and not after a while: the sooner they learn about you, the better. However, some of these actions can be delegated to specialized firms: for example, there are law firms that register enterprises, realtor agencies that can pick up an office. Their services can cost you money, but they will save time and energy for further questions of organizing your company.

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