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How to organize the workplace

How to organize the workplace

There is a direct connection between the person and the work efficiency in a comfortable environment as it works.

The special discipline - ergonomics - considering, among other things, and how to organize the workplace.

There are standards for working dimensionsspace, lighting, noise and other conditions, to make space for the most convenient. Feng Shui experts also contributed to their advice, what should be the premise for the work, are not justified from the point of view of official science, but very effective. Unfortunately, in the Labour Code there is no article, for which the employer must give the employee a workplace subject to the rules of ergonomics and Feng Shui. But, as the success of the work is reflected in the earnings, the employee himself does not interfere with taking care of your convenience. Here are a few simple guidelines, following which you can make the workplace more comfortable office worker, and work & ndash- productive.

  • remove everything that does not belong to the desktopwork. Teddy bears, flowers and colorful stickers place at home rather than at work. If you want to decorate the workplace, it is better to choose tools with an attractive design. Foreign objects are distracting. Exception for bright adhesive stickers, which you can record memos. This is more convenient than a notebook in which you can skip the required write-
  • Monitor Stand must be suitableheight, the keyboard is comfortable for the hands, the monitor located at a convenient distance to the eye, a chair - with good back support, which allows not to strain the back, with the possibility to adjust the seat height and tilt spinki-
  • pay special attention to lighting. Perfect soft diffused light. If the table is near a window, the bright sun will shine, or the eye, or monitor, making it difficult to work. In this case, shutters or dense help shtory-
  • let them near the desk there is a small cardboard box. Stop writing pens, notes, drafts, and sent to the end of the day sortiruyutsya-
  • all materials and documents for betterkeep on hand, so to them it was possible to reach without getting up. But we must keep them neat piles on topics closer if a creative mess & ndash- to maintain perfect order will take more effort than searching for the right to spread out without any securities system. But the documents and records of completed projects is recommended to remove from the desktop to the allotted to them place-
  • desktop should not stand in the draft. The room should be several times a day to air, but do not leave it at this time and get back pain not zhelatelno-
  • before leaving home, you need to bring your desktop in order to throw trash and wipe all surfaces with antibacterial wipes. Morning is better to start in a clean room.

All these tips on how to organize the workplace,very simple. They are easy to follow, they will benefit the manufacturing process, ensure employee well-being and maintain its performance.

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