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How to organize a workplace


How to organize a workplace</a>

There is a direct link between the effectiveness of a person's work and the way in how comfortable conditions it works.

A special discipline - ergonomics - considers, among other things, how to organize a workplace.

There are standards for the size of the workerSpace, lighting, noise levels and other conditions to make the place to work the most convenient. Feng Shui specialists have also contributed, their advice on how the premises for work should be, are not substantiated from the point of view of official science, but are very effective. Unfortunately, in the Labor Code there is no article on which the employer is obliged to provide the employee with a workplace, taking into account the rules of ergonomics or feng shui. But, since the success of work is reflected in earnings, the employee himself does not hesitate to take care of his convenience. Here are a few simple recommendations, adhering to which you can make the workplace of an office employee more convenient, and work & ndash- more productive.

  • Remove everything that does not apply to the desktopWork. Plush bears, flowers and colorful stickers place the house, not at work. If you want to decorate the workplace, it is better to choose working tools with attractive design. Foreign objects will be distracting. Exception for bright sticky stickers, to which you can record reminders. This is more convenient than a notepad in which you can skip the desired entry-
  • The monitor stand must be suitableHeight, the keyboard is comfortable for the hands, the monitor is located at an eye-friendly distance, the chair - with a comfortable back that allows the back to not strain, with the ability to adjust the seat height and the backrest-
  • Special attention should be given to lighting. Ideal fits the dim scattered light. If the table is near the window, then the bright sun will shine, either in the eyes or in the monitor, making it difficult to work. In this case, you can use blinds or thick curtains,
  • Let a small cardboard box stand next to the desk. Stopped writing pen, note, draft copies go there and at the end of the day are sorted-
  • All materials for work and documents are betterKeep at hand, so that you can reach them without getting up. But you do not need to keep them neatly stacked on topics, if creative confusion is closer - to maintain the ideal order will take more effort than searching for the necessary papers in the system without any system. But the documents and records for completed projects are recommended to be removed from the desktop in the space allocated for them-
  • The desk should not stand in a draft. The room needs to be ventilated several times a day, but not to leave it for this time and get a back pain is not desirable-
  • Before leaving home you need to bring the desktop into order, throw out the garbage and rub all surfaces with antibacterial napkins. It's better to start the morning in a clean room.

All these tips, how to organize a workplace,Are very simple. They are easy to follow, they will benefit the production process, provide the employee with good health and keep it working.

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