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How to organize a website

How to organize a website

Someone wants to find in your own website means to earn money, someone - to unite like-minded people.

The reasons for the creation of a site may be many, but the goal is still the same one.

Before you begin to build your page on the Internet, you must create a specific plan of action.



The question of organization site is in the first place andIt is one of the main binder. Without it, you can very long time to work for nothing, spending a lot of manpower and resources. Example of a site can be quite a lot, but there is a general scheme. First you need to determine what the site. No subject anywhere. The theme in the future will determine the design and the material on your website. It is best to choose a direction of your site, in which you are probably pretty good. It is not necessary to create a site about cars, if you do not understand them.


Decide what purpose brings your site. If you want it fast to earn millions, you should not even take him. Thinking only about earning money, you will never create a good website. But if you do a site for it to be interesting for people to put your soul into it and work on it, then this site in the future can bring good income.


We make content plan. Content? this is the material that will be offered by your website. This can be articles, news, images, videos and audio recordings. At this stage do not necessarily choose the content, only to designate must be in general terms.


We are working on the design of the site. To do this, you need to know the language the basics of HTML and CSS. PHP programming language does not hurt, too. Even if you install a site on the engine, the knowledge will be useful. Edit template or make your layout for you to decide, but in any case, knowledge of languages ​​will not be superfluous. At this stage, the preparation and insertion of design elements.


Next stage ? Filling content. Now is a good pick material. Pay particular attention to this. From the materials of your site will depend on its development and attendance. Try not to copy the information from other sites, and create your own article. If you use other people's materials, reference is made to the source.


The last stage of the organization's website? is to buy a domain and hosting. Domain? is the name that will carry your site on the Internet. Web Hosting? a dedicated server to host your site. On the Internet, a lot of companies that provide web hosting services and domain registration. Register domain can be in a separate company, but most of the hosting sites offer this service free of charge if you pay for hosting for some time.

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